Civilian deaths in Pakistan due to U.S drone attacks?

Does anyone know the total civilian deaths due to these attacks inside pakistan?

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    The exact number of Civilians women and children killes so far in these drone attacks has reached hundreds. The US led Coalition forces in Afghanistan have time and again violated the Pak Afghan Border despite the fact that Pakistan's Security forces are sacrificing its soldiers in fighting these so-called Taliban who are in fact terrorists secretly supported and financed by many other external forces and secret agencies.

    The main purpose of these drone attacks is to destabilize Pakistan and slowly and gradually prepare Pakistani people to accept without resistance future US attacks inside Pakistan. These drone attacks are used only to kill innocent Pakistanis. Our Pakistani government is equally responsible for the death of these innocent people. The CIA has never tries to kill Bait Ullah Mehsud despite the fact that the ISI has provided them with Mehsud's exact location and coordinates at least 3 times. In fact the US is fighting a war they can never justify and just like all other wars, this one also needs expansion; from Iraq to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan to Pakistan. They are not fighting terror, rather they are creating terror.

    I would like to ask the Americans one Question: If there are half a dozen Terrorists hiding in some populated area of a village inside the US, will the US armed forces kill its own innocent citizens alongwith the terrorists by firing missiles from these drones? Obviously Not. Then why is it that they are killing innocent people of Pakistan's Tribal areas just because a few terrorists supported by outside powers are hiding there?

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    The type of civilian deaths has been pretty exaggerated via the Pakistani authorities. Drone strikes were pretty precise and characteristic taken out the administration of Al Qaeda and many different militant communities. Pakistan has been sheltering them and taking section in a double pastime with the U. S..

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    As long as we encourage violation of the Geneva convention by not attacking terrorists hiding amongst civilians, they will do it even more. The best strategy is to do whatever it takes to kill the militants, and if they find that hiding amongst women and children doesn't get them any results, they'll stop doing so. When we hold back because of this, it's an open invitation for all civilian houses to accommodate terrorists and weapons.

    What we need to do is to apply the Geneva convention rules symmetrically. If the enemy doesn't follow them, we shouldn't either. The rules were so that Germans would stop killing civilians in Allied countries in return for the Allies not killing theirs. Islam has never made a pretence of respecting civilians either on our side or theirs, so applying the Geneva conventions in engagements against them is misguided.

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    687 according to the following article:

    It cites Pakistani authorities and links to an article in a Pakistani newspaper that includes a more detailed breakdown of the death toll from the attacks. It covers the period 2006 to April of 2009.

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  • Alvie
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    Perhaps some Al-Qaida leaders in Pakistan know, if they care to keep such statistics. Which I doubt.

    It's not possible for unbiased people to check out reports of civilian casualties there due to the danger of being kidnapped and murdered.

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    Not sure. But I can tell you that about 3500 US civilians died at the hands at muslim extremists.

  • CODA
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