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why did david take a census and why was it a sin is it becuase of disobedience a test?

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    He moved David is a Hebrew idiom for He allowed David to be moved to number Israel. A commentary commented that Satan moved David to number Israel. Joab didn't want David to do this so he thought it was wrong also. I'm really not sure exactly why but I think it has to do with the idea that Israel would be as the sand of the sea and David wanted to know an exact number to estimate Israel's strength in the flesh and not in God's power. We know from the O.T. battles Israel would lose battles they had the advantage in and win battles they had no chance in. I'm not really sure but I think it comes down to David being tempted to depend on the flesh or boast in the flesh about Israel's number.

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    As if they belonged to him and not God.

    Laying claim to what was not his.

    That is the sin of the world today.

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