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How to make a mac os x iso file?

I have two laptops: a mac os x, and a windows/ubuntu. I want to have all three on one computer, but since the mac came without an install dvd, i need to make an iso of it to install it onto my other laptop. Any ideas on how to do that? Thanks in advance.


the whole world already does have a free operating system: ubuntu. Its way better than windows, because it's a lot faster.

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    I think you mean you have a Mac and a PC. Two things:

    1) How to make an ISO file on a Mac. You need a disk image to begin. Follow the Disk Utility "Help" to make a disk image of folders. That will have the extension "DMG". In Disk Utility, if the DMG file is shown at the left, select it. If it's not shown there, mount it and then it will appear and you can select it. Then click the "Convert" icon near the top of the Disk Utility window. Change the format to "DVD/CD master". The result will be a file with the extension "CDR". Both CDR and ISO are simply raw data images, so just change the extension to ISO and ignore the warning questions. The result will be a working ISO file.

    2) This won't help you to install OS X on a Windows computer. You need more than the visible folders of the Mac hard drive. There are invisible files, folders, and links on the hard drive, just as there are in Linux. You could try making an image of the entire Mac hard drive. Again, use Disk Utility Help for this. That will get the invisible items into the image. Think about this, also. If it were this easy to install OS X on a PC, a lot more people would be doing it. There are dozens of websites devoted to installing OS X on a PC and you would benefit from studying a few of them.

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    gOS is a green(in color) light version of Ubuntu that is quite a bit like mac. Just stick with Ubuntu it does everything except things like MS flight sim.

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    you can't the core system files are copy protected.

    otherwise the whole world would have free operating systems and bill gates and friends would be broke.

    best you stick to your poor mans windows system. linux.

    a lot faster but total CRAP

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  • Judith
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    OSX 10.5 will not run on an AMD core, it is Intel only. It will not run on the AMD architecture, VMware or not.

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