i need a tryout cheer for football cheer leading for when our team scores a touchdown ?

-it must include at least one jump-

-the coach said it had to be 5-10 seconds or longer if we'd like

-please give any ideas :) :)

- my schools the Montrose Meteors (that should help with a little cheer )

-also any tips for tryouts

-and or tips on jumps = im pretty good at everything else except for the jumps =like i cant figure out a toe touch and i need that for my tryout dance

-how do u "sit" like with ur hips when u throw a jump - i dont get it at all !!!

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    Well, I remember one of our touchdown cheers went like this:

    "S-C-O-R-E! Score, Score!" With the lettering like a song. It's hard to explain cheers through the computer, haha. You could add motions to the spelling, stiff movements when you say "Score, Score" and a jump at the end, then repeat the whole thing.

    Tips: Always remember to smile! Never stop smiling, and ALWAYS be stiff! No cheers look good when done with noodle-like arms.

    When you jump, do NOT lean forward into them. You want your back to be straight, and your legs to come to your torso, not the other way around. This is what is meant by "sitting" in your jumps. Toe-touches are the simplest type of jump. You lift your body keeping your back straight and bring your legs up.

    Good luck with tryouts. :)

    Source(s): hardcore cheerleader for 6 years and 5 years professional training. :-)
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    Make sure you know the routine they want you to learn really well. Sometimes when people get nervous, their mind goes blank and they forget everything, so you don't want that to happen to you. Practice in front of family and/or friends so that you're used to showing others the routine. Make sure you also know the positions, such as high V, low V, touchdown, etc. There are a lot and they are kinda hard to explain, so maybe you could ask someone who is a cheerleader to show them to you. I'm not sure if you'll need to know them for tryouts, but if/when you're on the team, they'll come in handy. Stay sharp! The judges will be looking at your positions to make sure they're tight and crisp. And make sure you don't bend your wrists. Be loud and smile! Not only are the judges looking for skills, but they look for cheerleaders that are happy, peppy, and confident! You could also ask a cheerleader from your school about what the team is looking for. Sometimes they look for specific skills like tumbling and jumps. And sometimes they look for all around talent. Good luck and I hope I helped! :D

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    is what we wanted.

    and yes its what we got,

    we are the meteors.

    yes were smoking HOT !

    as for the moves.. touchdown (both arms extented straight up)


    charge. (right arm extended)

    low half v (left arm extended)

    high V (preparation for jump )

    side herky ! :]

    half T's both arms, nd lastly hot shuld end with a round off or a split.. blow a kiss 2 make it cutee :)

    omgg, i just made dat up ..

    as for a toe touch jusz jump, extended ya arms ahead and try 2 make your feet touch ya hands, not the opposite wayy ..soo help for me :]

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    1 decade ago

    just turn your back to the coaches, touch your toes, were shiny lip gloss, and slap some baby oil on your jugs and legs...dont forget to leave your mouth slightly open

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