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Why do people pay money to become a walking advertisement? Why would you pay $30 for a shirt that said "ABERCROMBIE & FITCH" in big, capital letters across the shirt?


I have a friend, and half of her shirts say "HOLLISTER" in big letters.

Why would you want to conspicuously display an ostentatious logo and become a walking advertisement? What is the attraction? Why not stick to small logos or no logo that have big flashy logos that make you look like you're trying to attract attention for your brands that sell crappy clothes?

And why do you pay so much for a graphic tee at Abercrombie that's like $20 when you can get a cheaper one that's made of just as good if not better fabric! Abercrombie has cheap fabric, only the deluded minds like it.

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    Because they are good i shop at all them and Abercrombie its 30$ But its go0d quailty its better then Wal mart clothes imean agree with me on it there clothes last mad lonqq. and Aeropostale is dahhh shyt. but like American Eagle And Hollister arrent expensive. neither is aeropostale the only one thats more then others are Abercrombie but would you rather spend Alot of money on something that would last for Along time or buy some crappy stuff that will last a week or a month nd end up buying something in replace in the long run you spend the same money,.

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    Well that's what you think. Not everyone has to be like you. And those clothes are all way better than WalMart brand. Target has a few cute things here and there, but Aero isn't expensive. Neither are the others, really. There's also this thing called clearance. American Eagle is like the best store in the world and Hollister is soft and it fits well. Not all of their clothes fall apart. Granted their tanks aren't the best, but I've never had problems with any other clothes. And A&F jeans are awesome. They fit me well. So if you don't like it, don't buy it. Jeez.

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    American History X. Worst horror movie you've ever seen? Rest Stop. Favorite director who's never made a comedy? Tim Burton.

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    Umm, well, I'm sure what you wear isn't much better. I mean seriously, respect other people's style. I guarantee that anyone that wears Hollister, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and American Eagle aren't big fans of the clothes you wear and I bet what you wear is the ugliest stuff in the world!

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    Peer pressure, for vanity, maybe because all the popular kids wear those name brands, and they look down upon all the unfortunate souls who don't give a crap about what they wear.

    Also, there's such thing as Clearance and Outlets.

    Yes, I wear Hollister and such, but not so much that it overwhelms my wardrobe and makes it seem as if I'm a prep.

    Go Target? oO

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    Ok it's obviously getting to you. Some people can afford that stuff, don't get so annoyed. I at the moment wear only hollister but i am tired of standing in so next year (8th grade) i am going to stop wearing that stuff and stand out in a unique, cute way. Don't let these things get to you

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    Because people think it's cool. Why else?

    I personally don't like those brands. I also don't like purses that display their logos all over the place, such as Coach and Juicy Couture. But to each his own.

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    because other people know that those places are expensive so when you wear a shirt that says exactly where the shirt came from..other people thnks for rich. maybe some people like to be thought of as a rich person o.o

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    Aero American Eagle

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    Because those are expensive stores, people want others to think they are "rich" so they can be in the "in" crowd..

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