Hummel park car crash sites?

There are a few cars crashed in Hummel park, but when I looked for them on the web no one has written anything about how they got there, and I wanna know the past on the cars, I can see how no one would have found them, there not easy to get to, but how did no one know people went missing from them, I mean these cars just can't go missing, and have no one miss the people that had to have been killed in them, but when you get to one of the sites the door is open like someone got out, but why wouldn't they get help, it just doesn't make sense to me, so if you would help me out that would be great!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm assuming you're referring to Hummel Park in Omaha, right? If you are-

    Which cars are you referring to? If you're referring to the BelAir (car with the big fins) and the others along the creek- Hummel used to be an auto salvage yard way back. Those cars weren't wrecked there, they were left there. Some where buried rather than pulled out when it was converted to a city park. Over time those cars have been exposed. If you walk over the bridge and along the trail near the creek, you should find the sign that tells the story of Hummel being a auto salvage yard at one point.

    Some of the other cars (such as the older Buick that crashed off the big cliff near the first entrance) were abandoned out there and wrecked either by the owner or by mischievous people who found them later on. Most of those cars are in spots that are not easily accessed by a tow truck, so they get left there.

    I came across a burned out SUV up there once that was in the middle of the back dirt road- and it took the city several days to come up there and get it.

    Source(s): Spend a ton of time in Hummel Park and have hiked through probably all of the park.
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