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Jordan asked in Games & RecreationCard Games · 1 decade ago

Is there a magazine currently in print that has a price guide for Magic: The Gathering?

Scrye quit. Someone told me there was an official MTG magazine that ran a price guide in it, but the only one I could find was Beckett, which has also stopped printing. Does anyone know of any other printed magazines with price guides for Magic the Gathering cards? (Not looking for online sources of card pricing info - I can't easily carry those in my trade binder...)

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    There are no printed price guides anymore. You will just have to print out a price guide off the internet.

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    I do believe that Scrye prints a guide. However, Scrye is on the verge of dying out, so the last major magazine about Magic might be extinct.

    Search your prices online – and gives you pretty good options.

    Hope that Helped!

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    you can however carry printouts from websites in your trade binder. that will likely be your only option because paper periodicals with magic content no longer exist. and are the best magazine resources out there.

    hope this helps

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    5 years ago

    get the prices from Ebay

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