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Is it true that wild caught guppies live for about 10 years but inbred aquarium guppies only live for about 3?


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    The genetics of guppies is something that I've accidentally stumbled into. Aquarium guppies are inbred for commercial gain in large ponds and when they reach the trade stage they are in terms of species specimens very poor.

    When you start out-crossing and I've just had my own strain recognised as a pure line, they become hardier, but I can't stop out-crossing the line or I'm perpetuating the problem. The males though uniform in markings are nothing special, but the females are a solid building block. I get half price on the females and technically they are the better fish :o( I'm introducing an Endler male now.

    3 years for a guppy would depend on conditions, but for an inbred that's not bad. 10 years is maybe ambitious, but I have White Cloud in a tropical tank that are starting to die off aged 8 years, so I think realistically for a less active fish 10 is possible. Post this question again in nine years and I will be able to give you an accurate answer :o)

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    If you read 10 web pages you will get 10 different answers. Wild caught guppies lifespans would depend on where they live. Do they have a high predation rate or a low one. More preadator fish means a shorter life span however it also means more breeding to keep up the species to warrant such predators. Low predation means less breeding but not necesarily longer life spans.

    Wild caught guppies live on average 3-7 years again this depends on where they are from and the water conditions they are in.

    Endlers (poecilia wingei) are not guppies they are their own species that are related to the guppy. They as well do not live to 10 years of age. They are also pretty much gone from the wild and are mostly now all tank raised. SO in short no guppies from the wild do not live 10 years. Although breeding for fancy guppies has changed their genetics just as breeding from carp have changed the koi and goldfish the age is all dependant. Even a pure strain won't live longer.

  • No, actually, when the guppy is properly bred, and cared for It can live longer then the wild caught ones. Like when you breed the guppy, you can feed them a variety of foods to boost their immune system, and help them grow. Like BBS is the best food you can give them, but ones that live in the wild don't get any of that. Half the foods we feed are home bred guppies don't originate from where they come from.

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    The top is a safety feature, they could jump out without one. A filter allows oxygen into the water which is important for life. But in a 10 gal. tank, you would be allowed 10 inches of fish with no pump . filter you don't need if you clean very often and do partial water changes. If you live in a climate that gets cold, then yes you ned a heater. for 10 gal a very small one.

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    Not always because it depends on a lot of things, one being the breed, people don't always breed the same variety as wild caught. Usually the wild caught would die sooner because of a more increased chance of disease.

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