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Did anyone else think that Malin Ackerman was bad as Laurie/silk spectre in the Watchmen movie?

I don't know if Malin can make the transition to action heroine to well...I mean, the only people who seem to have an opinion of her performance talk only about how hot she looked in latex. I don't want to hear about how sexy she was! I mean, could have found a sexier actress who can actually act! I am a huge fan of the book(read it 4 times) and was disgusted at her mediocre portrayal of laurie. Don't get me wrong, I thought all the other actors rocked,Especially Jackie Earle Haley who acted as Rorschach. But Malin is clearly getting more praise than she deserves!

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    Her and Patrick Wilson did a TERRIBLE job. Jackie Earle Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were the only people, I thought, who really portrayed their character as it should be. If Jackie doesn't get recognized for this role then I don't know what he has to do. I didn't have high expectations for him after seeing him in Little Children..I just didn't think he had it in him, but wow, he blew me away. I had little hope for Patrick Wilson but none at all for Malin. As soon as I saw she was chosen, I was upset, because she is not good in any movie and stunk her role in this one up

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    She and Patrick Wilson were just awful to watch. I loved the graphic novel but those parts were not cast well. She wasn't old enough first of all and she was too delicate for the part of Laurie. Crappy :-P And don't even get me started on PW and how bad he was.

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    Hell to the no. Stop hatin' dude. She did a fine job, plus, with all the outstanding jobs by the other actors, they made up for her faults, which weren't many at all.

    Movie was AWESOME.

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