Is Intro to Astronomy class hard or mathematical?

I will be a sophmore this fall and I was thinking abou taking intro to astronomy. I am already taking intro to goe and I am struggling to stay awake in each class. I haver always been fascinated by astronomy and I think I would do well in the class since I am interested in it. I don't want to fool myself though. I do not want to do any complicated math or struggle with difficult formulas- I am at the University of Texas. Can someone give me some advice? I have to take at least three more sciences and two of them have to be in the same field. I wanted to take Bio, but everyone I know is failing that class- I find it hard to believe because I am very interested in biology and I always got As in highschool bio classes (I know college is no highschool). I am trying to stay out of another geo class! I would appreciate some advice. Thanks!

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    If you need to take science classes and want to avoid math and take something cool, intro to astronomy is THE way to go. Astronomy is SO cool and you will need no math. It is quite possibly the easiest science class I have ever taken (I wouldn't even consider it a real science depending on where you take it because it is so conceptual and dumbed down). You will definitely enjoy it. My best friend hates science and math, I have never met anyone more horrible at math. But, she LOVES astronomy and has aced all of her astronomy classes. I think this is a good choice.

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    Intro To Astronomy

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    Most Science classes that Non-Science majors take are not difficult.. You MIGHT even enkoy this one, especially if the instructor is a "Hands-On" type. That means you'll get to go outside in the evening and ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE STARS, with the naked-Eye or perhaps witha telescope. You'll get to visit places, visually that most people don't even have a clue about their existence. What you see in the sky might be an Inspiration to your images after you graduate and are working. Also, it doesn't hurt TOO MUCH to learn something about the people that made astronomical discoveries, and the way the Universe REALLY works, so that you can explain it to YOUR kids when you have some. TAKE the CLASS

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    It's impossible to say offhand. It depends too much on the profs. Ask around your school to see what the easiest sci courses are that don't have much math. Don't worry about whether or not you'll enjoy astronomy class; you won't. Your enjoyment of astronomy surely comes from pop sci TV shows, and you'll only continue to enjoy it at an entertainment level like that. Just watch PBS and Discovery Channel and such. That way you can continue to just get by, then maybe marry a rich guy or something. .

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    I go to a University and my friend took the same class... He said it was really easy. All you need to do is show up. He also took a lab with it that took place at night and they looked at the stars. No math involved and he said it was very easy.

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