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Can you wear a maxi pad with just pantyhose?

Is it safe to stick a pad to the cotton part of the pantyhose and not have to wear panties? I'm thinking it wouldn't stay stuck, but i have not really tried it.

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    I would say YES if and only if you use pantyhose with

    CONTROL TOP, Control top will stick to your body as

    panty, and you will feel it comfort.

    I've tried Hanes Silk Reflection with control top,

    it was perfect, felt like wear normal panty, and it not

    transparent, so the maxi pad will not appear clearly,

    have a look at this site, and choose the control top

    models, avoid non-control top :

    control top models are many, you can choose

    any one from, see details for each to decide which one

    you prefer.

    beside ; hanse is very well known brand in USA, it great,

    try it at home, put the maxi pad and walk around the room,

    get down and up, and see how do you feel.

    you will lose nothing if you've tried one of,

    it worths to try

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    6 years ago

    Yes, Definitely wear a maxi pad with your pantyhose. I wear tampons and maxi pads with my pantyhose all the time and the feeling is just great, as a matter of fact it will give you a super sensual feeling that will make you *** in your pantyhose, be sure to keep an extra pair of pantyhose with you since you may want to change the wet ones.

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    I would wear a tampon. It is a lot cleaner, easier and more comfortable. Yet, if you are not comfortable with a tampon, wear a maxi pad WITH panties. Besides, the pad would be very noticeable with just pantyhose. Good luck!

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    You CAN, but i wouldn't say it's the best idea.

    Just wear panties, it'll save you the grief of wondering if you're leaking or not.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure go ahead.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would wear a tampon. i wouldn't really recommend wearing a MAXI pad with ONLY pantyhose..

    answer mine please!;_ylt=Aptzl...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wouldn't recommend it.

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