Who was the liberal coward justifying Somali piracy on msnbc a few minutes ago?

I didn't catch his name. He was making excuses for and basically apologizing to Somalia for their "plight"...he actually said they were justified in their actions of piracy.


I'm channel surfing and watching several news programs in between commercials and missed the intro to this guy. He was apologizing to the pirates!

I'm watching all the news and reading internet news as well...just trying to get all the sides.

Update 2:

Hey Virgi...I watched the news pretty much all day and switched between channels and read the netnews...never saw the guy again. I think even the obamabots new this guy was over the top.

I find it insulting that Buckwheat is joking around all day about puppies and pizzas, playing footsies with Hillary in the garden BUT has nothing to say about the piracy situation or the poor girl being held in Iran...who will probably be executed soon, perhaps both of them.

I suppose as long as he gets his pizza that's all that matters for now.

Update 3:

Sure Hillary spoke up a little bit but you don't hear Buckwheat telling Iran to release the American girl they plan to execute. He is a pandering coward and a traitor to the American people.


He was just there...it should have come up. He should have brought her back with him. If they want to show good faith and compromise...it would've been a good place to start.

No he's too busy bowing and blowing.

Update 4:

Hey guys...w'sup

I was trying to find more updated info on the reporter Roxana Saberi who was Ms. North Dakota


being held in Iran for espionage. Ran into a bleeding heart at the times Robert Mackey, I tried to post a commentary and edited it three times myself but they don't want to hear anything anti-Obama and I was being nice. That's okay...I'm not through with his asss.

Update 5:

He censored my post completely out with no explanation. I think I'll work on him for awhile.


Update 6:

Did you read the article where Hillary seemed to be amused at the use of the word pirates when describing the criminals holding Richard Phillips hostage? Sounded like she was making excuses for their behavior to me when asked. Almost sympathetic to their plight. Just wait and see if those weak sOb's don't start apologizing too.

Update 7:

So it seems they have captured another American ship..a tugboat and will probably use it with the others to try to get safe passage. Time to start blowing up pirate ships now Mr. POTUS get off your asss and do something now.

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    I don't know - the only time I watch 'that' channel is for Morning Joe. That tends to be a little less biased than the rest of the garbage the Peacocks throw at us.

    I find it interesting that the United States Navy isn't following the cowardly, standard "take our ship and we'll drop you money" game. I recognize that some innocent folks might be hurt or killed with this - but damn! Since when do WE stand by and allow a bunch of street thugs to board and steal our ships??

    I guess it's been going on for a while - because other countries LET IT!

    The NAVY didn't. Hill and Buckwheat are a little p.o.'d with that Navy Captain right about now for 'escalating' the situation. And HE'S our Commander in Chief??

    So much for the Might of our Armed Forces.

    They've been emasculated by a bunch of thugs with AK-47's. Our soldiers and sailors HATE the B.S. the civilians in charge have forced upon them. The Captain currently being held hostage has shown more courage and defiance than his COUNTRY in the current situation. I have no doubt that he'd rather die than allow his ship and crew to be stolen from out from under him.

    Everybody say a prayer for him. He's a Patriot.

  • rini
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    Well - well factor that correct wingers LOVE to lie approximately 24/7. MSNBC is supposedly a "liberal" station... Well, it is not. What FOX is, nonetheless, is an an professional instrument of the fascist correct - purchased and paid for - the estate of a international born BILLIONAIRE who is target in lifestyles it's to idiot dull Americans who are living in trailers. He's performed relatively a well activity. MSNBC does truthfully document the inside track which within the view of the part wit correct winger is...... look ahead to it..... "LIBERAL" - OR - "SOCIALIST".

  • Anonymous
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    Well, if you are just trying to get all the sides then chill. to answer you question--I don't know. The mind set needed to deal with these guys is that if they take a ship or you encounter them on the high seas--you kill them and then you bomb the village that they came from. Then, they "get" it. Otherwise, it is business as usual and the top thugs just send in more expendable foot soldiers. This sounds horrible especially to a liberal but in that culture you are your tribe, your family etc.--holding individuals responsible is more of a Western cultural thing and so we "miss the target" often.

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    I wish I could help you with this one, but I do not watch msnbc. But, if there was someone actually "apologizing" or "making excuses" to Somalia, it either had to be someone in Obama's administration or Obama himself, as the whole lot of them are nothing but spineless cowards!

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  • L.T.M.
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    I didn't see that one Doc but we all know the type. The left handed media is full of them. Look at that gang that was demonstrating in support of the jerkwad who killed those three cops!

    Just when you think you've seen it all they'll pull something that'll blow your mind again.

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    If he had a Parrot on his shoulder, it was most likely Blackbeard.

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    turn off MSNBC

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