Comic Book Character Battles XVII Marvel and DC (Round 2). Can you explain to me who wins?

I will be posting 10 battles periodically until the outcome is resolved. Battles may include Marvel and DC. Single Elimination.**Neutral Area, Abandoned City**.(NO ADVANCED POWERS such as King Thor or Cosmic Spiderman etc.) My friend and I have similar outcomes in each bracket. But it's nice to get different opinions. "So please validate you're opinions on who wins and why with a sentence explanation or more for each battle". {Most descriptive and logical explanation gets the points}

All combatants have access to their normal equipment and weapons:

Mandarin (w/rings) vs Wolverine

Songbird vs Jean Grey ( No Phoenix powers)

Electro vs Avalanche

Annihilus vs Guardian

Silver Surfer vs Martian Manhunter (battle takes place in space)

Wonder Woman vs Rogue

Nightmare vs Dr. Strange

Lobo vs Juggernaut

Green Goblin vs Banshee

Capatin Marvel (DC) vs Thor

Multiple Man received 2nd round bye.

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    1 decade ago
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    Mandarin, with his rings this isn't even a close fight. Just read what the rings can do, there is no real need for further explanation.

    Jean Grey, she still has telepathy and telekinesis she shuts Song bird down. (thanks for clearing up about the Phoenix power)

    Electro, mainly because Avalanche isn't cool. Electro takes him out with a million volts and thats all there is to the story

    Annihilus, his Cosmic Control rod allow for a very easy victory. One blast from that and Guardian is sent flying

    Silver Surfer, he travels back and time grabs a torch, and J'onn on fire. Or he hits him with an energy blast strong enough to destroy a planet and J'onn is done in.

    Wonder Woman, i think she is smart enough to not touch Rogue, skin to skin and instead just goes Chuck Norris and roundhouse kicks her in the face til Marie is out cold.

    Dr. Strange, he is Sorcerer Supreme. His powers are in direct relation to the god whom he is using. He takes nightmare down, the Vishanti beat Nightmare

    Lobo, he is a genuis, and he is immortal. He wears Juggernaut down and takes this fight in the end. Plus he is extremely ruthless which is a quality needed in such fights.

    Green Goblin, glider to the heart and Banshee takes it screaming. Norman is to smart to mess around much with Banshee, he devises his plan and executes it.

    Thor, i love Cap. Marvel, but he does not have Mjolnir. Mjolnir is the only thing i have ever known to dent Cap. America's sheild which has withstood a lot. Its based on that and Odinforce that i pick Thor. But i would love to see this battle.

  • roser
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    4 years ago

    Human Torch- warmth melts ice and easily specific webs of spiderman can face up to his flames. Nightcrawler- Mysterio has no actual powers, in basic terms illusions. Spiderman's gotten out of maximum of them, so it is going to no longer be too perplexing 4 nightcrawler somewhat perplexing- i might flow w/ Cyber, yet Cable does have a gamble. Electra- Mystique can no longer replica the powers of ppl, making her fantastically plenty consumer-friendly. conflict device- Archangel can in basic terms fly, while, conflict device has diverse weapons, at the same time with warmth searching for rockets, that could kill him. Namor- Sunspot desires image voltaic as a fashion to change on his powers, meaning he may be ineffective if the image voltaic grew to become into out. Punisher- Robin would have been knowledgeable by Bats, yet Punisher is plenty greater matured in wrestle and has an excellent arsenal of weapons. uncertain- the two have not any actual powers. Lizard- His tail is often used to interrupt via brick partitions and such.

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