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prozac questions?help please?

so i've been taking prozac for about 10 days and i was wondering if it could possible be working already? because suddenly i stopped biting my nails (which ive been doing since i was 5) and i feel no urge to bite them. also, ive been sleeping alot easier and ive stopped cutting myself. but they said it takes weeks to work, so could it be fast working or is it like some mind over matter thing?

also, i alwyas hear all these songs where people take prozac without needing it, but whats the point of that? ive been taking it and it doesnt feel like im on some kind of drug.

and also (haha) theres a keg tomorrow and i know its not smart to mix prozac and drugs and alcohol, but would it like kill me, or would i be alright?

and another question- usually if i dont eat with my prozac i get nauseous but today i didnt eat at all (no milk or anything) and i feel fine. why is that?


could someone then answer the question about people who take prozac without needing it?

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    Don't drink alcohol while being on Prozac. You can die or mess yourself completely up. I know guy who drank beer while being on much weaker antidepressant and he is not able to take care for himself now.

    I would recommend you to watch following DVD that is available online if you have fast internet. It's told by psychiatrists, psychologists and people who worked for pharmaceutical companies. It informs you - beside other things - about side effects that are not often being told by psychiatrists. It also suggests an alternative in the end. When you then make a decision to take antidepressants, you may be better prepared, educated and understand what's going on when you encounter some bad side effects. I would say that these information are actually vital.

    The link sounds a little scary - that’s because many antidepressants have suicidal thoughts and impulses as side effects which you can also read inside the pack of some antidepressants.

    Watch trailer 1:55 min


    Youtube thumbnail

    The whole DVD


    Fox News about pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (Prozac, Zyprexa and others)

    3:36 min


    Youtube thumbnail


    school - short videos about consequences of taking antidepressants


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

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    Everyone reacts differently to the medication. Some people will notice the effects a lot sooner than others.

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