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Why did I cry when I looked at her picture?

My grandma died about 8 years before I was born. My parents never really talked about her and I never missed her because I'd never had her in my life to miss. But I was clearing out some old photographs from the loft yesterday and I came across a picture of her and I started to cry so badly. Not just a little cry but almost uncontrollably for 30 minutes. I've seen pictures of her before and been ok with it.Thankfully I was alone so nobody knew but I don't know why I cried...I've never even met her and I don't miss her because there's nothing to miss. What caused my outbreak of tears emotion?

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    It has little to do with the relationship and more to do with the element of it. She was related to you, whether you knew her or not. And, face it, you were alone. That allows for some melodramatic romanticism. ;) I have done something similar -- cried looking at pictures of people I never knew, but knew they were now dead. It's also that: you will never get a chance to know her.

    I went to the Holocaust museum, two days ago, and wept in the tower that is full of pictures of now-dead Jews. There is something about an old does it for me. Whether I knew someone or not, I can read so much about them in their eyes. To know they are dead breaks my heart...and I like to imagine what they must have been feeling, when the picture was taken. For instance, there was one picture of a man and woman in one of the prettiest places I have ever seen: a lake, with low-hanging trees, sitting on a fallen trunk...tall grass...a perfect setting. And, knowing they are dead, I felt for them.

    It's completely normal to feel that way. And, if anything, it is very reverent.

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    This is completely normal. You where not only mourning that she passed away, but you where mourning the fact that you never had a relationship with her.

    I never knew my real grandfather either, and there are times, when I hear stories or see pictures that I get teary eyed (I'm very emotional too though, commercials make me cry)

    But this is normal, and nothing is wrong with it. It is probably a good sign, 'letting it out' makes you feel alot better!!!

    I'm sorry that you never got to know your grandma!

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    Sometimes people cry over a bond they would miss, she is still your family regardless. maybe you needed her at a point in your life and couldn't understand what it was? you can be bonded to family you never met threw what they could have met to you.

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    girl...this exact thing happened to me wen i was clearing out my drawer and came across my grandfather's pics..i cried though we dint share a great relationship....i also dint understand what happened...but i guess its just that the emotions inside us need to come out in some way... we think we're cryin for this but it may be some deep trouble...

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    I think it could be because you were upset that you might have missed a great relationship between you both.

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    When we cry it is always because we have feelings and we care.

    Perhaps you need time to see what your grandma means to you.

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    it's ur good family bond which made u affiliated wid her

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