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YWWE>BVW>mwwe asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

you choose the winners?

1 ECW Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Tables: Animal & Hawk v Bubba Ray Dudley & Devon Dudley v Afa & Sika v "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs & "Nasty Boy" Jerry Saggs

2 WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg v Kevin Thorn & Vampiro v Mosh & Thrasher

3 World Tag Team Championship: Ax & Smash v Rey Mysterio & Rob van Dam

4 Knockout's Championship Victoria v Mae Young

5 Diva's Championship Triple Threat: Beth Phoenix v Mickie James v Stephanie McMahon

6 Women's Championship Fatal Four Way: Maria v Melina v Torrie Wilson v Natalya

7 X-Division Championship Ultimate X: Evan Bourne v Kaz Hayashi v Petey Williams v Sonjay Dutt v Tajiri

8 Hardcore Championship: Cactus Jack v Sandman

9 Cruiserweight Championship 12 Man Battle Royal: Alex Kozlov v Consequences Creed v Jamie Noble v Jeff Hardy v Johnny Devine v Juventud v Psycosis v Scotty 2 Hotty v Shannon Moore v Spike Dudley v Taka Michinoku v "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

10 European Championship: British Bulldog v Nathan Jones

11 Television Championship 6 Pack Challenge: Bam Bam Bigelow v Mr. Kennedy v Test v Christian v Montel Vontavious Porter v Hurricane Helms

12 United States Championship 6 Pack Challenge: Cody Rhodes v Goldust v King Booker v R-Truth v Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat v "Macho Man" Randy Savage

13 Intercontinental Championship 6 Pack Challenge: AJ Styles v CM Punk v Ken Shamrock v Owen Hart v Shelton Benjamin v Charlie Haas

14 ECW Champioship Elimination Chamber: Bobby Lashley v Chris Benoit v Goldberg v John Cena v "Stone Cold" Steve Austin v The Rock

15 WWE Championship Elimination Chamber: Batista v Bret "The Hitman" Hart v Chris Jericho v Eddie Guerrero v John Morrison v Undertaker

16 World Heavywieght Championship Elimination Chamber: : Edge v Kurt Angle v Randy Orton v Mankind v Shawn Michaels v Triple H

If you want BA put who was pinned in matches 1, 2, 5, 6 11, 12, & 13 as well as who was pinned last in 14, 15, & 16 and who was eliminated last in 9 and who put on the second best performance in match 7 so that i can figure #1 contenders

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1 : Animal & Hawk ==Hawk pinned Devon

    2 : Billy Gunn & Road Dogg == Gunn pinned Thorn

    3 Rey Mysterio & Rob van Dam

    4 Victoria

    5 Beth Phoenix pins Stephanie

    6 Melina pins Torrie

    7 Sonjay Dutt

    2nd best performance =Bourne

    8 Sandman

    9 Psycosis

    eliminated last: Hardy

    10 British Bulldog

    11 Test pins Kennedy

    12 Booker pins Cody

    13 Owen Hart pins Haas

    14 Chris Benoit pins Cena

    15 Chris Jericho pins Morrison

    16 : Edge pins Mankind

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    01) Ray Dudley would knock Afa out after a Samoan Drop.

    02) Thorn would pin Mosh after a Sit-Down Spinebuster.

    03) Mysterio would pin Smash after a Headscissors Takedown.

    04) Victoria would pin Young after a Victoria Side Walk Slam.

    05) Stephanie would pin Beth after a Pedigree.

    06) Maria would tap out of Natalya's Sharpshooter.

    07) Bourne would win after a Here We Go Driver onto Hayashi.

    08) Jack would pin Sandman after a Pulling Piledriver.

    09) Hardy would eliminate the last man, Hotty after an Alley Oop.

    10) Bulldog would pin Jones after a Running Bulldog Powerslam.

    11) Helms would pin Bigelow after a Flipping Neckbreaker.

    12) R-Truth would pin Steamboat after an Axe Kick.

    13) Hart would tap out of the Shamrock Ankle Lock.

    14) Cena would eliminate the last man, Benoit after a Side Walk Slam.

    15) Undertaker would eliminate the last man, Y2J after an Undertaker Arm Wrench.

    16) Angle would eliminate the last man, Edge after a Kurt Shoulder Block.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. WINNERS: Animal and Hawk

    The Nasty Boys were pinned

    2. WINNERS: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg

    Mosh and Thrasher were pinned

    3. WINNERS: Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

    4. WINNER: Victoria

    5. WINNER: Mickie James

    Stephanie McMahon was pinned

    6. WINNER: Melina

    Maria was pinned

    7. WINNER: Evan Bourne

    Petey Williams put 2nd best performance

    8. WINNER: Cactus Jack

    9. WINNER: Jeff Hardy

    Shannon Moore was eliminated last

    10. WINNER: British Bulldog

    11. WINNER: Christian

    Hurricane Helms was pinned

    12. WINNER: Ricky Steamboat

    R-Truth was pinned

    13. WINNER: Shelton Benjamin

    Charlie Haas was pinned

    14. WINNER: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    The Rock was pinned last

    15. WINNER: Undertaker

    Bret Hart was pinned last

    16. WINNER: Edge

    Shawn Michaels was pinned last.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. dudleys


    3 rey and rvd

    4 mae young just kidding

    5 mickie

    6 melina she deserves it

    7 evan air bourne

    8 cactus jack

    9 jeff hardy exept that is to low class for him

    10 bulldog

    11 christian

    12 r truth

    13 cm punk

    14 cena

    15 undertaker non spinner

    16 hbk

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  • 1 decade ago

    the dudleys after reversing a pitstop by saggs into a 3d

    DX after they hit the sweet chin music peddigree combination on thrasher

    mysterio and van dam after a double 619 onto both members

    mae young after young comes to the ring in a bikini and victoria has a heartattack lol jk victoria after a widows peak

    mickie james after hitting mcmahon with the mick kick after the match hhh comes out and takes a heel turn peddigreeing stephanie then throws divorce papers all over her face

    melina after a slitz leg drop on maria

    evan bourne after tajir almost graps the x but petey williams runs up and hits the canadian destroyer which ko's both men then bourne runs up and grabs the x then hits a shooting star off of it onto williams but williams did the second best

    cactus jack after reversing a russian leg sweep with a singapore cane into a double armed ddt onto thumbtacks

    elimination order

    taka michinoku after a psycho stunner by psicosis

    psicosis after a juvi driver then 450 splash by juventud

    jamie noble after a red scare II by alex koslov

    shannon moore after a angels wings by cristopher daniels

    spike dudley after a devine intervention by johnny devine

    johnny devine after a tko by consequences creed

    juventud after a diving ddt by scotty 2 hotty

    consequences creed after a swanton bomb by jeff hardy

    scotty 2 hotty after a death valley driver by cristopher daniels

    cristopher daniels after a twist of fate by jeff hardy

    alex kozlov after a reverse twist of fate by jeff hardy

    winner and new cruiserweight champion jeff hardy

    british bulldog after a running powerslam

    christian after reversing the drive by kick by mvp into the unprettiar

    cody rhodes after a ddt on half brother goldust

    owen hart after reversing the gts by punk into the piledriver

    goldberg after goldberg and lashley both hit heads while trying to spear each other and cena pins

    bobby lashley after john cena pins him after the double spear on goldberg

    john cena after the rock bottom by the rock

    the rock after benoit reverses the rock botttom into the germen suplex

    stone cold after reversing the stone cold stunner into the crippling crossface

    winner and ecw champion chris benoit

    john morrison after taker reverses a diving hurracuranna off the top of the cell into a last ride

    batista after a sharpshooter by bret hart

    bret hart after a superkick off the cell then frogsplash off the cell by eddie guerrero

    eddie guerrero after a walls of jericho by chris jericho

    undertaker after jericho reverses the tombstone piledriver into hurracuranna pin

    winner and wwe champion lionsault chris jericho

    before the match mankind bring every weapon knowed to men

    mankind after a sweet chin music with a chair in mankinds hands

    hhh after angle reverses the sledgehammer shot into the angle slam

    kurt angle after he goes to hit a moonsault off the ladder onto edge but instead gets hit byu the rko off of the ladder

    shawn michaels after hhh hits a peddigree on thumbtacks

    hhh after a spear by edge

    edge after a rko onto a stop sign

    winner and world heavyweight champion randy orton

    after ther match on the titraton it shows the mcmahons getting beat up by two men in ski masks then everbody thinks its priceless but then it shows rhodes and dibiase on the ground

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