can i catch my bus and flight?

i'll fly easyjet from paris to london luton and the landing time is 1815

- will i be able to catch the national express travelling from luton to heathrow scheduled as 1915?

- will i be able to catch my intl. flight @ heathrow scheduled as 2235?

plz help!!


thx so much!!!

well i know its pretty risky...and now im considering rescheduling the flight...

do u know how much will that costs?

thx again!

Update 2:

thank u very much!!

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  • Walter
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    It seems like you are very tight in schedule... If your EasyJet flight actually arrive ontime, there is a chance of catching the 1915 coach to Heathrow Airport (depending on the speed through immgration and baggage reclaim)... But any delay on the flight would means you will definately miss the coach...

    If everything goes right, 1 hour is a little bit tight but seems like you have no alternative since the next departure from Luton Airport to Heathrow Airport is 21:40 which would definately miss the connection... You will just have to be efficient once arriving and hope the baggage would be out early... Then you would be safer, otherwise......

    While the 1915 coach would take approximately 1hour 5minutes to Heathrow Airport, you will arrive at around 2020 which leave you 2hour 15minutes to check-in etc... That would definately be enough providing the traffic is reasonable and the coach is ontime...

    Looking at the schedule, it would be a bit of a risk... But seems like you have already booked the EasyJet flight, all I can say is good luck to you and fingure cross that you will actually make it to the coach and everything run smoothly on the day...

    2009-04-14 07:50:31 補充:

    If I remember right, when you change flight with EasyJet you only have to pay the difference between the flights (I cannot remember if there was commission or not, but if I cannont remember it wont be a big amount)...

    Source(s): Been living in UK for some 10yrs...
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