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Update 2:

我的意思是: 轉彎時, 火車如何出軌?火車為什麼會在這種情況下出軌?

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    For every object to travel in a circular path, there must requires a centripetal force. In the case of a train, the centripetal force is provided by the rails onto the wheels.

    Thus, centripetal force F = mv^2/R

    where m is the mass of the train

    v is the speed of the train

    R is the radius of the circular path where the train turns.

    The max force F provided by the rails onto the wheels is more or less constant, thus when v is high enough such that

    mv^2/R > F

    the centripetal force F is not sufficient to drive the train to turn the corner, then derailing of the train will occur.

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    1 人為破壞導致火車出軌可能興很高

    2 鐵軌膨脹也有導致

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