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    1.germany:the victorous nation paid most attention to the future german aggression.France wanted to weaken germany in order to prevent it from threatening itself again in the future.Germany needed to accept the Treaty of Versailles.For instance,the Rhineland would become a demilitaristed zone,it had to cede 13% of land to its neighbouring nations,accepted the War-guilt clause and paid 6.6 billion within 42 years,etc.

    2.France:Notwithstanding it was one of the victorous nations,it was greatly weakened by the WW1.There were 4266000 injuried people.Many infrastructure were ruined.

    3.death and destruction

    WW1 caused many casualties:nearly 8.5 million people were killed and more than 30 million injured.Many buildings,farms ,roads and bridges were destroyed.

    changing the map of europe

    Russian empire ended.Independent states were set up in its western Baltic sea.Austria-hungary spilt into austria,hungary and czechoslavakia.The german empire had to cede land to its neighbouring states.the balkan slavs formed their own nations called Yugoslavia.

    forming a peacekeeping body

    president wilson(united states)set up a peacekeeping body -the league of nations in geneva,switerland in january 1918.42 nations participated in it.

    changing woman's position

    women worked hard in factories and farmed.Then, their abilities and contribution were recolognised.This raised their states.They could even give a say in the government.

    Source(s): myself and history book
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