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麻煩中翻英達人(有關產品說明的) ~~(20點)超急~~~


(以概念車WHO concept重新定義未來交通工具的使用形式,利用相同的車架主體,透過使用者的需求選配套件,只選擇需要的,達到節省成本的目的,除了讓交通工具的擁有門檻降低,也能讓求新求變的使用者能打造屬於自己的風格座駕,而不再是車廠決定一切。

使用者在購買後,隨著時間演變,可再依新的需求或喜好改變,添購或更換配件,讓車隨著人一起成長,賦予交通工具更深的一層意義,而且每部WHO concept都是獨一無二的。)

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    以概念車WHO concept重新定義未來交通工具的使用形式,

    Redefining the transportation using mode in the future with WHO concept,


    using the same car frame but choosing only the spare parts which the owner needs in order to achieve the goal of cost saving.


    this will facilitate the purchasing entry,


    as well as to customize the style for those owners who pursue for newness and variation,


    the car manufacturer won't be the only decision maker.


    After the purchase, with the time evolution,


    the owner still can make new changes to the car according to his/her preferences by adding or changing some parts.


    People and car can grow together, that provides a deeper meaning to the transportation than just being a tool,

    而且每部WHO concept都是獨一無二的。)

    moreover, each WHO concept car will be unique.

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    (will redefine in the future transportation vehicle's use form by concept vehicle WHO concept, will use the same frame main body, by user's demand match suite, will only choose needs, will achieve saves the cost the goal, except will let the transportation vehicle have the threshold to reduce, can also enable the user who will ask to strive for changes newly to make belongs to own style private car, but will no longer be the cart yard decides all.

    User after purchase, evolves along with the time, may depend on the new demand again either like changing, stocks up or replaces the fitting, lets the vehicle grow together along with the human, entrusts with a transportation vehicle deeper significance, moreover each WHO concept is unique.)

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