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請幫我翻成英文 謝謝

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    During the growth process of a child, drawing papers occupies a tidy but special position. We sketched simple figures on the drawing papers while we were learning how to hold a pen. As we grow up, drawing papers are on longer an accompanying toy, but a representation of our endless dreams.

    Our minds have been shaped by constantly changing environments and external forces since we were young. One should be back to the original view point of a child to compose a literature.

    Our childhood stories have been divided into 4 chapters, The Joy of A Newborn: “Naughty Fun Park”, Innocent and Naïve Dreams: “Bedtime Stories under Starry Nights”, Cherished Hope: “Summer Blue Bubble”, Farewell! My childhood; A New Start: “Goodbye Summer Homework”.

    In this work, we found pure and naïve dream and memory. What about you?

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    The coating paper has occupied one small in children's development process the special position, just the academic society took pen's us to use the pure childlike innocence to draw the simple and unadorned line on the coating paper. But after grows up, the coating paper no longer is the toy which accompanies us to grow up, but represents each time powerful and unconstrained style the dream. Follows is growing, the environment along with it change, is lost by the external force influence, is our heart. Therefore, returns to the starting point which grows, in the creation, does not have the major principle, but” the arc of visibility” embarks from the child. Divides into four chapters the childhood: The life is born the joy “the mischievous amusement park”, both pure and vainly hoped for naively side “the star got out of bed the story, the hope love to protect “the summer day blue froth” spatially”, the farewell new to embark in childhood the course “goodbye the summer vacation work”. We found the simple-hearted recollection and the dream in the work, you?

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