what are the morphological differences between the leukemia leukocytes and normal leukocytes?

morphology is the form, structure of an organism such as the shape, color, structure and pattern.

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    Most neoplastic cancer cells lack the definitive shape and border associated with a normal, non-cancerous cell. This holds true for leukocytes too. In-fact, if you took a blood draw of a person suspected of having cancer and analyzed it under a microscope, you could clearly tell which leukocytes were cancerous and which weren't by the shape of their outer membrane alone. The microtubules and actin filaments that help define the leukocyte membrane will project out in a cancerous cell and articulate in strange patterns. The surface glycoprotein composition, as well as the extra cellular matrix of the cancerous leukocyte will be different as well, producing an uncharacteristically wild outer membrane that looks like a hairy peach. See the pictures for more info...

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