Penn State or UMD (U of Maryland-College Park)?

I got accepted to 8 schools.

However, I am paying a visit to both schools for their Spring Open Houses.

How do the two schools compare?

Inputs are much appreciated!

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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry I don't know much about Maryland other than I'm a fan of their men's basketball. Anway I'm a Penn State student, and I can tell you that it is truly a great experience. That said, it probably depends where you live as well. If you live in Maryland I think it would be significantly less expensive to go there? Reverse if you live in PA. If cost isn't an issue. I believe that Maryland is slightly more prestigious academically. But, PSU has ways to get involved in extra curricular academics and challenge your mind if youre looking for that. You have a wide range of students at both schools I suspect, and Maryland seems like a nice campus although I've never been there in person.

    Penn State is a great school though, and I've never regreted going here for one second even though I got accepted into several Ivy and Patriot league Schools.

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