Toddlers and potty training ugh! lol?

Ok my oldest is 23 months and i have been potty training him for several months now, he understand the concept an tells me when hes wet and poops. He just wont go in the potty he sits and makes a pushing sound lol and then the moment i put on his pull ups he goes pee, anybody else going or went through this with there lil ones. I know they say boys are harder an take longer to potty train, can some moms give me some light at the end of the tunnel and insight on this whole potty training thing. Thanks :)


He also has a potty chart and stickers waiting to be used, i also have lil mini toys that he can only play with while hes having potty time.

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    Boys are not harder to teach than girls.......they just dont really care about the potty too much. Both my boys were almost 3 when they finally got it. My girls were almost 2 when they got it. For my boys it took them a year to get the potty thing together but they liked standing in front of the toilet more. I did learn pull ups feel the same as diapers so I think thats part of the reason too. Its good he is learning to go and most children, boys and girls, dont get the potty stuff down pack for quite awhile but hes getting there. Maybe buy underwear for him to wear around the house at a certain time in the day, maybe like 2 hours at a time and have him go to the potty frequently.

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    Hi I'm not a genius but, have you tried a reward chart like stickers, or just used something he is totally into as a reward. Or have dad go into the bathroom and show him how it is done. I had suggestions of putting cheerios in the toilet and telling him to aim at them. I had a really hard time getting my son to go to the potty as well. He is three now and just finally started going on his own. Pull ups are so expensive, I also heard just letting them run around with the bottom half naked for a week or two would help them realize they didnt have anything down there to catch stuff. Hope I could help a little or he could be stubborn and just not want to. Well good luck

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    A friend of mine said she had some of the same problems. She had two boys. She would (when she had time of course) not put diapers on them, but just underwear and pants. They HATED the wet feeling in those things. They were potty trained so fast after that. Of course that means some clean up and time, but you may want to try it out. Great luck. I've got a 15 month old boy I'm taking notes for :)

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    Am answer just because on the same situation i just finish asking the same exact question lol except mines is a girl and she also makes noises when she gets on her potty then she gets up and said am done mami and 5 to 10 minutes later she piis on herself and act like is normal to be wet lol she also 2 and half.. i actually think is easier with boy because my nephew started to potty very fast the only problem was to finish pii pii before getting out of the toilet lol but then Again he was 3 someone told me that sometimes there not ready till there 3..well good luck am just gonna read all your answers lol they could help me too

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    Here's the book that I recommend:

    I used to have a similar problem to yours.. I had a hard time training my toddler to be potty-trained.

    I bought the book and it's amazing! My son learnt to go to the toilet and such by himself after just 2 days! I recommended this to my friends and they were amazed too!

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    extremely u ought to sit down her on the potty each hour or so and dont flow putting her in a diaper or a pull up u ought to tak a ask your self puppy toy or somthing and get some m&ms or somthing and get s sticky label chart and whilst she poops in the potty 10 circumstances she gets a particular prize and make her placed on the pants that have poop in them she wont experience confertabele strolling around and sitting in crapy underclothes so whilst she come as much as you and says i pooped in my pants tell her why did u poop in ur pants a query her and then substitute her a tell her that if she poops in her potty then shes a large lady not greater diapers or pull united statesbribe her and if she keeps pooping in her pants then eliminate her issues and he or she would be in a position of get them lower back whilst she poops in the potty and then if that dosnt artwork if u have older young ones make her flow in the with them and get some m&ms and supply the older youngster a m&m and maximum likly she would be in a position of want one so if she is going in the potty then she gets one too its an common as that bribe her and then deliver her to day out and take her issues and tell her your bored with cleansing up her nasty underwaer and teach it to her and ask her if she might want to bathe it up and which will incorange her ot flow in the potty

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    im not a mom but i take care of babies a lot. kids like rewards and like to know that they're "big girls" or "big boys". they need to want to do it.

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