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chem hw help please? thanks :)?

use the following equation:

C7H8 + HN03 ----> C7H5N3O6 + H20

how many grams of TNT can be made when 829 g of C7H8 reacts with excess nitric acid?

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    "excess" nitric acid means that the C7H8 is the limiting reagent.

    since you know the mass of C7H8, and can figure out the molar mass of it... you can calculate the number of moles

    mass C7H8= 829g

    molar mass C7H8= 92.15

    moles C7H8= mass/molarmass

    = 829/92.15

    = 9 moles C7H8

    since this is the limiting reagent.... this means that there is also 9 moles of C7H5N3O6 produced

    rearranging the moles equation... you get:

    mass= moles x molar mass

    molar mass of TNT = 227.12 g/mol

    moles of TNT = 9 moles

    mass = (9)(227.12)

    =2044 g = 2.04 kg

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