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American animation VS. Japanese anime?

Ok, so we all pretty much know that anime has taken over the world of animation. But can anyone tell me why exactly?


~And, yes. I already know why it's better. I just want to know what you guys think. XP

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    Well in moi opinion I think people like Japanese animation better than American because Japanese animation settles the craving of adventure and fantasy for all of us who are not pleased by the American animation. American animation is starting to become kinda pointless because they have no plot, climax, theme or pretty much any elements for a good story. American animation is just trying to make a quick buck by making their viewers laugh over quite droll situations. Plus, the Japanese animation is so kawaii! :3

    Cya Hyuu :D

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    Josh, you are plagiarizing and answer I've given on a question before.;_ylt=Ap_7_...

    It's not that it is better, it's that Japanese anime covers a wider genre and topics that American animation just doesn't not do. On technical terms American animation uses more frames per second than anime does. But technicals aside you might see more adult themes in animation like the Simpsons and South Park, and animation like Heavy Metal, Wizards and Rock & Rule are a rarity among Western and American animation. In Japan those kinds of anime are more common.

    I think the mainstream in America still sees animation as for kids, and this is the standard at which those animation studios in America have to work with. Other wise you'll see PTA groups screaming bloody hell.

    Even in Japan the anime has been toning down what they can get on TV.

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    Japanese anime indefinitely.

    The artwork may vary from one artist to another, but in general it's always very well drawn. Beautiful and the way the characters' emotions are expressed through their facial expressions and eyes are powerful and evoke how much they really feel till you could even cry or be genuinely happy after watching an anime.

    Plus there are so many genres which are uncountable so there is something for everyone. Also, the characters portray a lot of emotions and there are stories which you can relate to.


    I like it for those reasons. Also, because there are some characters which are likeable, or are able to sacrifice for others and who are sincere. I also like the fact that we can learn Japanese culture while watching since their cultures are interesting and unique.

    Please answer mine;_ylt=Atq2l...

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    I think this depends on what you're watching. I prefer anime myself, only for the more serious story lines and adult themes. There are a few American animations that are close to that level, granted Star Wars the Clone Wars is still tame by comparison but it is good.

    I have no idea why most American animators think they have to take the route they're currently on. But it's no different than Japan when you realize that we only see the top 20% of the anime in Japan. This is because the other 80% is crap as well. Of course not all of the 20% of good anime gets licensed, about half probably does. That's what we rely on fansubs for.

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    Japan is pretty far ahead of it's time appreciating the strengths of new forms of art like animation, video games and sequential art (manga/comics). It's taken the rest of the world a long time to catch up, but the Japanese understood the principles of cartooning and the advantages it has over other mediums. Meanwhile, the rest of the world used animation and comics to appeal to children. But the rest of the world is starting to catch on.

    Source(s): Scott McCloud's book Understanding Comics talks a lot about the differences between western and easter comics, and many of the differences and techniques are commonly used in animation as well.
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    Well, I don't hate American Animation, I just like anime more >.<

    In fact, I love the old classic movies like Lion King and them. They're my favs. I also like Xioalin Showdown and Snoopy and them but those were made back then

    But now, American Animation is becoming somewhat unoriginal.

    That's probably why I love anime. It's because it's so original in plot and everything. And it covers more themes than American Animation.

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    Japanese concentrate on storylines. When you finish one episode, u keep thinking about what's going to happen next and why. Japanese make you connect with the characters, so that's why so many ppl want to dress up like

    American is really mindless. One episode has nothing to do with next. When you watch it, that's it. U don't think how the next episode is going to turn out.

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    because while American Animation has gems like Xiaolin Showdown and the Batman, anime & manga has gems like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and Yu Yu Hakusho

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    Its very popular?

    Japanese Animation

    Everyone has different tastes.

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