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ok so i'm not completely sure about how to ask this question so bear with me. what percentage of children suffer from depression or other mental illness as a result of a custody arrangement that they do not like? Now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't give me crap like "Kids shouldn't decide custody, blah blah blah." I want numbers and sources. Please help me. I would really appreciate it if you also left a link to where you got your information. Please answer this question directly.

Thank you :)

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    Favorite Answer - is a bit rubbish - also a bit rubbish - is rather helpful

    I'm not sure if this will help, but it's all I could find that related to your question :)

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    Percentages mean nothing in your situation. If one or more of your children are depressed about the custody and or the divorce you need to get them into counseling asap to be evaluated. No information on the Internet is going to give you an answer. But to be honest 100% of the kids involved in a divorce go through a lot of stress, anger, confusion and unhappiness. As parent both of you should be more concerned about the well being of the kids than the agreement or yourselves. And never use the kids as a negotiating tool it is very unfair to them, and never ever argue in front of them or where they can hear.

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    i dont have any links for you, but i was that child, i spent 16 years going back and forth and hated my parents, i ended up running away at 16. i think its fairly normal. i wanted to live with my mom and my dad wouldnt let me. im 20 now and have gotten over it. dont worry too much about it, but i would consider their opinion on it. if they want to move in with the other parent and are at a considerable age, i would either let them move or give them more time with the other parent.

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    My answer is ,

    i would think it could be add..

    Kids That are Restless, Jittery, Stumble with words, don't understand, repeat them selfs, mostly symtons of add, & need to be treated by your family doctor..

    However, there is relazing teas, its safe for whole family to, like lavender tea, and cammille tea.

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    Parents who shuffle kids back and forth are JERKS

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    can u answer my question

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