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Scene Queen/Scene Girl?

How do they do their makeup? And Hair?

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    You can go to

    Hanna Beth is a Scene Queen but dont try do copy her on everything.

    Also they shop at Hot Topic and Jessica Louise. You can try there!

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    Ok scene hair is hot and everything but why would you want to be a scene queen? All they do is sit on their computers all day promoting their copy cat image. Wouldn't you rather have a real life? Best case scenario: You end up like KikiKanibal and sit on your *** all day on stickam selling crappy jewelry then go to bed crying because you saw all the hateful comments from other competing scene queen about how fake you are.

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    Um for they're hair they just straighting it ad the grab small strands and backcomb it (brush it backwards with a comb) and then hair spray it I think with they're make-up im not entirely sure but with the eyeliner they just make the lines mega thick...Search it up on Youtube

    How to do scene hair

    Or something like that i've tried lots come up.

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    Ah, another one of these "scene" questions. What is necessary for being a "Scenester" is liquid eyeliner, stick eyeliner, brightly colored eyeshadow, and a comb with the teeth close together. Put on a few colors of bright eyeshadow(like all across your eyelid, like so... You can use the colors you want though. For makeup put on the stick eyeliner in the shape that you want, do it pretty thick so that it is easier to trace with liquid eyeliner. As you figured out follow the lines you made with your stick eyeliner, with your liquid. Than mascara of coarse.

    Now here's a video on how to do your hair, for I can't explain how to do it specifically.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I thought hers looked best.

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    They start off by using way too much shampoo and conditioner that usually smells pretty bad, but for some reason they think smells good. Then they blow dry their hair and over straighten it so it doesn't have any body what so ever. Then some will add some stuff to make their hair stick up and look even lamer.

    Source(s): I dated a Scene Girl once.
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    dont be scene and dont wear scene make up it is dumb and boys dont like fake girls that wear 8 pounds of make up just be your natural beautiful self :)

    the scene phenomenon is almost over now next year it's gonna be boho and hippie chic no ones gonna wear makeup wouldn't it be nice to be a step ahead?

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    First you have to act like a poser, wait i already think you've got that down.

    Then copy other scene girls hair.

    Use a washable black marker on your eyes.

    And wear colorful clothes and take pictures, edit them so they look nothing like you, put it on myspace and WA-LAH.

    Your a poser queen! oops i mean scene queen.

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    Eyeliner, Teased hair.

    Colorful Hair


    fake eyelashes!

    Like that girl!

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    Print out a picture and go sephora or nordstrom and tell them to do your make-up like that. IDK what type of people you r talking about that much but here my make-up routine


    -eyeliner all around my eyes

    -thick eyeliner in the outer corners

    -eyelash curler

    -thickening mascara

    - lip gloss and dab with a cleenex to make the shine go away

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