My Xbox 360 is showing black pixels when I play games and blue pixels when there is a black screen.?

I was playing COD 4 last night and all of a sudden a bunch of black pixels showed up all over the screen. and then when the game was over I headed to the dashboard and the black screen comes up and there was a bunch of blue pixels all over the black screen. It never did this before. It is and elite xbox connected through hdmi to my lcd tv at 1080i resolution. the native resolution on my tv is 1366x768. I have tried changing the resolution settings but i still have the same problem. I tried changing the hdmi cable and the problem continues. What is causing this? What should i do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't think its your HDMI cable. For the past month I've been having the same exact problem when I've been playing Left 4 dead or Resident Evil 5. It only happens after extended game play... which basically tells me its an overheating issue. I live in a tropical island so it gets pretty hot where I'm from. And after hours of gaming my xbox would get very hot and then the black pixels would appear out of nowhere. When I would rest the xbox and then turn it on after a couple hours its all good again What I did was I got an external desk fan and I have it blowing on the xbox now whenever I play. So far its been working. I searched online and it usually means that the GPU processor is overheating and more than likely our xbox are counting its days...

  • 1 decade ago

    Try it and see if it happens when the xbox 360 isn't being used (eg. TV pro-gramme or DVD not being played on your 360). If it happens on other things, then its the TV. If not, then its the xbox or cables. Something to do with the cables connectors maybe. Just and idea..........

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    if you have more than one hdmi input to your tv, try switching that. you might have something wrong with your input in the tv or the output in the xbox. blow in/try to clean them a little bit and check to make sure that they dont wiggle at all

  • 4 years ago

    Thats easy at most stores they have a thing called a PS3 from sony. My ps2 and 3 never broke...never ever...also had what you had and it broke 3 times...good luck

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