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getting my wisdom teeth pulled and two root canals?

I am turning 19 and went to the dentist three weeks ago. she put me on amoxicllin and told me to come back next week to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled ( two are growing in sideways) and to have two root canals done. should all this be done on the same day? what pain will i be in? what is normal? should i be sedated?

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    Ask her. It may be easier to do it all at once since you'll be knocked out.

    I've never had root canals done but I did have 6 wisdom teeth extracted. 4 were impacted. They did it in the hospital and put me to sleep. I had it done there because I had a cold at the time and needed oxygen nearby. It's a good thing because they needed to use the oxygen on me. It saved my life.

    If you are sick at the time or have allergies or a history of bronchitis-I strongly recommend they have oxygen on hand for you, especially if they knock you out completely. If they only numb the area and keep you awake, you will not feel anything so don't worry about the pain. Be sure that you aren't allergic to the anesthesia and if you have had an experience with it in the past, tell them your history. I had no pain afterwards because I had a great surgeon and followed his orders afterwards. My friends who had it done too, all had pain afterwards and took tylenol with codeine. I didn't need anything afterwards. I think your doctor can make a huge difference.

    Otherwise, wisdom teeth extraction is a routine procedure.

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    I would sure want to be sedated -- pretty mandatory for wisdom teeth. Pulling teeth goes pretty quick, but root canals can and do take hours. May as well get it all done at once, but definitely look into options for anesthesia.

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    if all that will be done it should be under general anesthesia ...but the best way is done in separate visits

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