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Anonymous asked in SportsBasketball · 1 decade ago

What Hawks Team would win?

Atlanta (31-19) *2nd in the Eastern Conference*

PG. MOOKIE BLAYLOCK - One of the most underrated PG's in NBA history. A great defender.

SG. STEVE "SMITTY" SMITH - Was a deadly spot shooter was a more purer shooter than Joe Johnson is now. Although, Joe has a baetter all-around game than Smitty ever did.

SF. LAPHONSO ELLIS - Aged, but still could shoot

PF. ALAN HENDERSON - Good scorer in the post those days

C. DIKEMBE MUTOMBO - All-star, All-around player

6. Anthony Johnson - Pretty solid Playoff performer in his career

7. Grant Long - Solid bench player

8. Tyrone Corbin

9. Chris Crawford

10. Roshown McLeod

11. Ed Gray

12. Shammond Williams

Coach: Lenny Wilkens (HOF player/HOF coach, best coach in Atlanta history.)

Atlanta Hawks (currently 45-34) *4th in Eastern Conference*

PG. MIKE BIBBY- Very underrated, 1 of the best Playoff PG's of this generation.

SG. JOE JOHNSON - All-star, a sick player to watch

SF. MARVIN WILLIAMS - underrated is pretty good and athletic

PF. JOSH SMITH - B E A S T, what can't he do

C. AL HORFORD - Really good player, not a Mutombo in his youth though.

6. Mo Evans - Very good 3 point shooter/scorer that can defend

7. Flip Murray - scorer off the bench

8. Zaza Pachulia - good overall player that deserves more pt

9. Acie Law

10. Solomon Jones

11. Mario West

12. Thomas Gardner

Coach: Mike Woodson (All right, but makes a lot of mental lapses and I think Hawks can be even better w a better coach.)


True M.V.P but he could have his J going for him too that is when he is impossible.

Update 2:

I agree that this Hawks team would win and that it is too bad Deke was not younger would have been a beast especially now that Centers sadly end w/ DH12 and Yao the position has taken a turn for the worst. What I like back then was those unis too bad the Hawks don't have them still.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I think this Hawks team would win. Even though the bench isn't deep, it's deeper than it was back in the day. The guard matchups would be great to watch. I think Flip Murray would put this team over the edge. He's instant offense, and better than the old ATL team's bench combined. I don't know how well Horford could guard Mutombo. He would need some weak side help from J.Smith. I think Christian Laetner was on that old squad too. Either way, it wouldn't matter. The 09 Hawks are more athletic and a better overall team. Lenny Wilkens was 10 times better than Woodson will ever be, but I'm stil going with the 09 squad.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the current 2009 team would win. This current squad is much more explosive and would have the tools to run the other squad out of the building. The old Hawks had a good shot blocker in Mutombo but this one has a much more athletic and better scoring shot blocker with Josh Smith. The current squad I think has good enough 3point shooting to win and Joe Johnson can take over the game if he wants.

    2009 gets the edge

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wasnt into basketball during the Wilkens coaching time (Wish I was, the only time the hawks have had a decent coach) But my uncle had 3/4s of the season recorded on VHS, so Ive watched some of it. I will say the current.

    Mutombo>Horford (Sadly)




    Current bench>Bench then

    So current Hawks in my opinion are better then the Hawks then.


    I wish we could put Dikembe in a time machine :[

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    THe Current team.............The 2009 team is too athletic, and has a better team. Plus, they would have a bonifide scorer in Joe Johnson, and of course, Mr.Energy, Mario West.

    Source(s): BTW....Josh Smith can't win a jump shot. Thats what he CANT do.
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