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Hey I am a High School Junior and I have been thinking about my major, and possibly my future job, when I get to College. I am stuck between choosing Forensics or Pharmacists. I really do not know a lot about either of them, is their a site where it tells all the information about those jobs. And in this economy what would you recommend, I am leaning toward Pharmacists but then again I could change. I really need to find out more information about those jobs.

Please Suggest Any Sites.. Thank You


No, I am not trying to find a job right now but merely trying to decide on a right career...

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    Let me ask you this first, how did you come about narrowing your selection to these two choices? Why are you interested in these two? What do you like to do and why?

    Here's a couple of sites:

    About majoring pharmacy -

    About majoring in forensics -

    About careers in forensics -

    If I were you, think about what you like to do. If I asked you, "If you could pick to be anything in life, what would you want to be?" Check out the links I gave you. Which of these two matches more to your dreams? or do they even fit? Maybe it's something else? Take you time to decide, no need to rush right now. You have plenty time now and more time in college. Many college students don't even know what they want till get they into their junior year in college and by then, they switched to different majors many times already and that's okay. So just take your time and think.

    In the regards to the economy, I won't really worry too much about it now. You're still in high school and you have at least 4-5 years ahead of you. By that time, when you graduate, the economy could be completely different. So just follow your passion and what you really want to do with your life.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Totally depends on whether you want to look at blood all day, or look at pills that coagulate or thin blood. TV makes forensics look glamorous, but I doubt if it really is. Pharmacist is a good, steady profession that will probably be around for a long long time.

    Chances are you will change between now and when you finally graduate college, but it is always good to have a plan going in. Just punch in pharmacist or forensic science on your search engine and you'll get gazillion returns. Good luck.

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