How do you remove IE InPrivate browsing?

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This question was already answered on YahooAnswers, but it didn't work for me...please post a clear step by step answer. Also, is there any way to retrieve an old InPrivate more
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  • eric answered 5 years ago
your question is a little confusing.are you asking if you can remove the option to browse in private in ie8?no you cant.don't understand why you would private browsing is OFF by have to chose the in private browsing option in the safety drop down menu.when you close the in private window everything disappears as if you were never there.that's the point of you cant remove in private browsing option unless you uninstall ie8.and no you cant retrieve a old in private sessions. sorry.

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  • Diane answered 4 months ago
    Here is a simple app I used. It is on a legitimate site. It will disable incognito Mode in Chrome or Private Browsing in Internet Explorer.
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  • Johnny M answered 5 years ago
    No, that's why it is called private. It leaves no traces, or records of what you did. As soon as you close that window (private), everything is gone!
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