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? asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicClassical · 1 decade ago

What are some good classical albums?

I know a little classical songs, but I want to expand. I'm into Bach and Beethoven and Mozart. If there is any good modern music, that you think I would like than go ahead and post. I want albums, so it will be easier to put them on iTunes. So you can just give me the album name and who is the artist or something like that. Thank you so much!


I seen many cds at target and such with those composers on there.

I guess I should of explain it better, "Mix" Cd would be best to give me.

Update 2:

Oh, I see.

Well, i guess the problem with me is that its very hard for me to download them to put on my Ipod.

My searches come up with nothing, Perhaps there is a link you could give me?

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    Liszt: Opera Transcriptions - Jean-Yves Thibaudet

    Braziliana - Arnaldo Cohen.

    Music for Two Pianos - John Ogdon & Brenda Lucas.

    Voice of the Violin - Joshua Bel

    Romantic Violin - Joshua Bel

    Arensky : Suites for Two Pianos - Daniel Blumenthal

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    Album names?

    I think you are mistaken.

    Composers like Bach,Mozart,Beethoven and every other classical composer right up till the 20th century wrote out compositions on paper and these were subsequently published for distribution.

    In modern times such works have been recorded countless times by various record labels using numerous different orchestras conducted by many different conductors.

    This is the case with most classical music.

    The range of these works can be anything from a full orchestral symphony.

    For instance those by Gustav Mahler can last some 80 minutes

    however these are amazing pieces,recommended without any reservation whatsoever,especially listen to Symphonies 1,2,5,6 & 9.

    Going further down the spectrum

    to a solo Cello suite like those by J.S Bach.

    (I assume you've listened to all six of these staggering masterworks)

    Right down to indeed literal songs,often for piano and voice.

    I've already mentioned Mahler but you should also check out the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius as I've yet to hear something by him that wasn't amazingly good so you really can't go wrong with whatever piece by him you come across first.

    <later edit>

    I would urge you against mix or compilation CD's.

    You are only going to hear single movements and not full works.

    Worst still many such albums don't even play the entire movement and choose to cut it and merely play an excerpt.

    Absolute unforgivable sacrilege!

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