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what is the healthiest fast food place to eat besides subway?

one of my friends found out that McDonalds is the healthiest but i don't bealive that.... i mean come on... but i need the truth not just your opinion....

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    It's the best, hands down. It finished even higher than Subway. All the meals have less than 500 calories and there are alternative side dishes like fruit.

    The book Eat This, Not That named them #1 in the nation.

    By the way, McDonald's is indeed considered one of the healthiest fast food places now. They've made a lot of changes since the days of Fast Food Nation. They have healthy sandwich and salad options, great healthy kids meals, and they don't have the huge Supersize option anymore.

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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipes Cookbook :
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    Do your research! That is the first step before even asking anyone. Why don't you Google it? And, most fast food restaurants now have nutrition guides, so you can just look at those for the breakdown. According to an article on, here are the top 10 healthiest restaurants:

    Panera Bread

    Jason's Deli

    Au bon Pain

    Noodles and Company

    Corner Bakery


    Atlanta Bread

    Mcdonalds ***

    Einstein Bros

    Taco Del Mar

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    Really it depends on who you ask, and how you gauge it. I have seen different studies, but most of them have McDonald's ranked pretty high.

    Here's an article published by CBS News

    Panera is listed as #1, McDondalds as #8.... Subway didn't make the list

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I think Wendy's is healthier. It's the only fast food place I eat at. (and I don't often eat fast food)

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    It depends on what you order.

    If you go to mcdonalds and have a plain mcChicken sandwich then without the mayo it's only 400ish calories and is high protein and low fat.

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    anywhere, if you make the right choices. even subway can be unhealthy if you get something like the meatball marinara or whatever.

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    panera's was voted to be healthier than subway.

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    one of the other best fast food places to eat is long jon silvers it is very healthy.

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    Pizza with lowfat cheese or wheat crust.

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