How good is bbt for determining ovulation?

I've only been charting my bbt for a few months. I've gotten the triphasic pattern and all that. But how could of an indicator is bbt for monitering ovulation?

Could I be not ovulating even though my temperature rises?


The thing is I never really notice the egg white cm before.

I only ever seem to get that white, creamy thick stuff (sorry tmi)

So that's why I was wondering.

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    If your temperature rises, you have ovulated. BBT is really good at showing you that you have ovulated, but it shows it to you AFTER you have already ovulated. Keep taking your temperatures, but start to notice your cervical fluids. When you are ovulating, your fluid will be egg white consistency. Leading up to ovulation, your cervical fluid will go from being kind of sticky to more of a creamy consistency. Record this info on your BBT charts. Using the two of them together will help increase your chances of getting pregnant. Good luck!

  • borja
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    3 years ago

    to verify if ovulation is definitely occurring, you could desire to seek for a temperature drop of a minimum of .4-.6 tiers then a spike of a minimum of .6-.8 tiers. So seek for the drop in temperature, then quite heavily to day after right this moment she'll ovulate (once you notice the quick upward push in temperature). you basically have the choose to make constructive she's utilising a basal physique thermometer, not a fever thermometer. not everybody has the comparable middle temperature. My temps are ninety seven.0 on ordinary at the same time as some women human beings are ninety 8.8 on ordinary. It varies.

  • Amy W
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    1 decade ago

    Its usually a pretty good indicator but its not perfect. You may have a temp. rise but it could be because of stress or illness or something. But, you've have a few months of rises so Im guessing you are ovulating. CM is a good way to tell too but certain things can alter your CM too. Thats why its a good idea to check it at the same time everyday and NOT after taking a shower/bath or having sex. I wouldnt worry about this too much. If you're really concerned you could maybe check with your doctor, bring your charts with you for him/her to look at

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