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Smoke coming out of tailpipe - Jeep Cherokee 94?

I have a 94 Jeep Cherokee thats been running okay.... recent work done... suddenly today there is smoke coming out of the exhaust it smells like gas fumes... not sure what to check exactly... would appreciate any suggestions. Also the smoke is blue which is odd to me.



My dads a mechanic that used to own his own garage so I have reasonable experience but I'm at a standstill because I'm low on money and need a temporary solution.

Can it be the housing from the oil filter? I have a slight leak.... how much would it cost to get this fixed by a mechanic? I already did some work and it's not as bad as it was but it's still there. I need some kind of temporary solution and advice on how much to get it fixed by a mechanic. Any other info appreciated.


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    Try adding some STP oil additive or some no smoke additive. They are cheap enough and can help.

    You are burning oil so keep up on checking it every time you get fuel.

    Could be rings or valves need adjusting.

    If your dad is a mechanic, ask him to take a look at it and help you fix it.

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    It is oil, can be valve guides, seals, rings exsessive blow by from worn cylinders or pistions, and what I have seen and is kind of rare but does happen is a bad head gasket. the oil comes up from the block and through a passage in the rear of the block, the head gasket as a metal type seal that is built into the gasket and it some times splits and leaks in to the #6 cylinder and that causes the smoking, plus you should see a large amount of oil being used. Reason for the fuel smell is that oil is getting on your O2 cause it to send a lean signal, thus causeing your fuel system to go rich

    Source(s): Old Mechanic
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    Smoke coming out of the exhaust :

    * Black - over rich condition

    * Blue - Burning oil

    * White - Water vapor

    If you have a oil leak around your oil filter housing, replace the gaskets on the housing.

    Just my 2 cents, Mac

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    Do you have a check engine light? Sounds like it could be leaky injector and/or bad O2 sensor(s).

    Part(s) could be $65 to $300, not including labor.

    Source(s): www.xjtalk.com
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    its oil. bad valve guides, or valve seals. possible but not likley its got bad pistion rings or a deep groove in the cylinder. first two are cheap but he last two means you need a engine rebuild or a new engine.

    Source(s): ASE certified mechanic for over 15 years
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