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Secularism in Israel?

"Israel = Jewish. Jewish = Israel. When G-d says "My people Israel" is He referring to the land of Israel being a people? Of course not. He's referring to people (Jews) as being Israel"

Ok, i pretty much know that Israel is a Jewish state but how about secular laws in Israel?

can you please explain me what degree Secular and Judaism present in the Current Israeli constitutional laws?

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    It often makes people uncomfortable to refer to Israel as “the Jewish State” because it suggests a theocracy and, therefore, the demise of Israel as a Jewish state is viewed by some people (even in Israel) as a positive development. Israel is not a theocracy; however, it is governed by the rule of law as drafted by a democratically elected parliament. It is informed by Jewish values and adheres to many Jewish religious customs (such as holidays), but this is similar to the United States and other nations that are shaped by the Judeo-Christian heritage and also have expressly religious elements (e.g., church-state separation in the U.S. does not preclude the recognition of Christmas as a holiday).

    Israel has no state religion, and all faiths enjoy freedom of worship, yet it is attacked for its Jewish character, whereas the Arab states that all have Islam as their official religion are regarded as legitimate.

    The Jewish people are a nation with a shared origin, religion, culture, language, and history. And why shouldn’t the Jewish people have a state? No one suggests that Arabs are not entitled to a nation (and they have not one, but twenty-one) of their own or Swedes or Germans, or that Catholics are not entitled to a state (Vatican City) headed by a theocrat (the Pope). To suggest that Zionism, the nationalist movement of the Jewish people, is the only form of nationalism that is illegitimate is pure bigotry. It is especially ironic that the Jewish nation should be challenged given that Jewish statehood preceded the emergence of most modern nation-states by thousands of years.

    It is also not unusual that one community should be the majority within a nation and seek to maintain that status. In fact, this is true in nearly every country in the world. Moreover, societies usually reflect the cultural identity of the majority. India and Pakistan were established at the same time as Israel through a violent partition, but no one believes these nations are illegitimate because one is predominantly Hindu and the other has a Muslim majority, or that these nations shouldn’t be influenced by those communities (e.g., that cows in India should not be treated as sacred).

    In the United States, a vigorous debate persists over the boundaries between church and state. Similar discussions regarding “synagogue and state” are ongoing in Israel, with philosophical disagreements over whether Israel can be a Jewish and a democratic state, and practical arguments over Sabbath observance, marriage and divorce laws, and budgets for religious institutions. Nevertheless, most Jews take for granted that Israel is, and must remain, a Jewish state. Arab citizens also understand that Israel is a Jewish state and, while they might prefer that it was not, they have still chosen to live there (nothing prevents Arabs from moving to any of the 180-odd non-Jewish states in the world). Both Jews and Arabs realize that if Jews cease to be a majority in Israel, Israel will no longer have a Jewish character or serve as a haven for persecuted Jews, and that is one of the elements underlying peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

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    Learn the truth about Khazars - 90% or more of the people who are claiming to be Jewish are lying through their teeth. They are greedy evil people masquerading as Jews and have taken over most of the Banks and Currency on Earth. And they plan to rule Earth from Jerusalem.

    The Balfour Declaration that created the state of Israel was a TOTAL SHAM cooked up by Zionists in Great Britain, namely the Rothschilds. It is not acceptable to any court on earth, except maybe the Israeli Courts.

    Brother Nathanael has the best information that exposes the Jewish (Khazar) takeover of the United States.

    David Duke also.

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    Israel(Jacob) is a liberal society. It's funny though, Israel is a Jewish state, but its surrounded by Islamist states. My point is people seem to have a problem with the "Jewish State", but no one has much to say about Islamist states. Anyway, back to the question at hand. From what I can tell and based off my only Israeli friend I know, Israel is a Jewish state, but freedom of religion, and or freedom of choice, including gay marriage and giving full citizenship to Palestinians(Something no Arab nation has done) are mainstays in Israel. It's a progressive society for the most part and there are a lot of Atheist, and Secularist in Israel. In the constitution secularist are afforded equal rights, along with fellow Jews, Christians, Muslims ect. This is why I don't understand why Israel can't remain a Jewish state. It seems they've found a good balance in their society.

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    I'm not familiar with the current constitution of Israel. I only know that the people who are Israeli are also Jewish. Ask an Israeli.

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    >> Israel = Jewish. Jewish = Israel <<

    Tell that to the Muslim Arabs elected to the Israeli parliament.

    Nice try, tho!

    Ha ha ha!

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    Israel is defined as a Jewish state, a homeland for the entire Jewish nation. Israel was established after WWII in order to make promise a safe haven for persecuted Jews in the world. However, Israel is not a state religion, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia or the Vatican- the constitution that was signed with Israel's independence provides freedom of religion to all its people, and there's a lot of them (around 25% of Israel population are non-jews).

    Referring to the constitutional laws, the formal justice system is based on a liberal perspective that common in the west world. Besides that, there is a separate religious legal system that serves all of the religions in Israel. In many cases there is a conflict between the religious system and the secular one, the most common case is marriage- in order to be recognized as a married couple, you should go through a religious procedure, every religion in its own religious court. This procedure creates an absurd situation where interracial couple can't get marry in a formal way, gay couples would face the same problem. The common solution is a secular ceremony and a registration as a married couple abroad, which later becomes valid in Israel. Howerver, Israel refers to interracial or gay couples as equal as any other couples in any other daily aspect.

    The fact that Israel is being a Jewish state reflects the most on the privilege that any Jew in the world has to Immigrate to Israel and become a citizen immediately, something only Jews can do- it's a vice versa law to the Nurenberg laws acted in 1933 in Germany, which denied civil rights from Jews residents in Nazi Germany.

    So yes, Israel is a Jewish state, but it respects and supports all of its citizens.

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    the name israel is an alternate name for yakov (jacob). The reason its called israel because the countries people are the sons of yakov (israel)

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    Secular laws and religious laws are extremely similar. Where do you think the western judicial system comes from? What do you think Judaism is about? God? 85% of Judaism is laws and how to handle court issues.

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