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Was Jesus disappointed in America when it approved of torture and rendition?

Rendition --- approved by Bush and now apparently Obama

International kidnapping and torture

Do you think Jesus was disappointed by the US it's leaders and all those who support or supported this ?

Why or why not ?

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    "As you treat the least amoung you, So you treat me"

    Given these words of Christ, I'd have to say . . . . .

    Fcuk YES!!!!!

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    He's pissed about it. Extraordinary rendition right? Jesus is probably not generally happy with any of the world leaders but probably more so with Bush and Obama.

    Jesus doesn't want anyone to suffer and kidnapping and torture amounts to suffering at least the last time I checked.

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    People fail to recognize their own tyrannical hypocrisy. To torture an innocent person (as Saddam did) is wrong. To torture a person you "think" is guilty (remember innocent until proven guilty?) is somehow right? If I "think" a customer is going to steal from my store, I don't tackle him. If I "think" a person is looking at my wallet, I don't shoot him. Torture is notoriously ineffective-even the Spanish Inquisition-propagators of some horrific practices themselves-usually didn't believe a confession gained from torture and would let a person give a free confession afterward. Are we no better than our enemies? At what point does human dignity and freedom fall to blind obedience and fear? Was it not a hero who once said "Give me liberty, or give me death!"? Can anyone honestly say that any attacks prevented as a result of Guantanamo Bay or Abu Gharaib justify the intense hatred those institutions have gained us? To stop a hundred Terrorists in their tracks done with means that create a 1,000-is that effective? How about a few years ago? Remember, "Enhanced Interrogation", and how many people defended it saying it wasn't torture? Now they admit to it! They openly defend torture after they attack Saddam for it! Does it really matter who the torturer is? Is this what my nation-my fellow citizens are reduced to? If you all are Americans, than I'm NOT proud to be one of you. How could any decent person be?

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    No, he may be a little disappointed that we use such mild tactics. I know his father is, did you read the Old Testament. Did you read the new testament as well when the people were doing evil in the temple. I think you are trying to make Jesus love and nothing else. He is not just a god of love. They say heavenly father, because while your father loves you he must also discipline you at times. You may not know about this, and if so I apologiize for your loss, but fathers are supposed to be caring parents, and actually discipline you if necesarry. Besides. Jesus gave his life to save many, so he obviously approves of the loss of one life to save many, thus torture. Yeeha. Gotta love that last horrible analogy, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

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    There's many reasons Jesus might be disappointed in America... and the reasons go way back before the Bush years.

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    Depends...would Jesus wear a Rolex?

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    Wait - don't you remember the 1960's when the US threw God out of public life and legalized abortion? Before that, the US was the richest, strongest, and most respected nation in the history of the world. Since then, we have not won a single conflict, have become the laughing stock of the world, and are basically broke. Coincidence? I think not.

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    And the Lamb broke the seventh seal and there was silence in Heaven...

    Why does Jesus support the Apocalypse? Why will he lead the armies of heaven in the final judgment of humanity?

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    Not just Jesus, but anyone with a conscience. Obama they say is too early to judge, but that denies looking at his appointments within his cabinet. No one in that cabinet voted against the Iraq war.

    No one in that cabinet voted against the patriot act. Obama himself ran on his credentials of having voted against the Iraq invasion,but fills his entire cabinet with hawks...something happens in America between the man who runs, and the man who gets elected...and America pays the price.

    Of the 11 Senators , and over a 130 Congressmen who voted against the Iraq war and Patriot Act Obama could/would NOT appoint...thats very , very telling.

    The neocon agenda continues.

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    No....because for some reason Jesus got a skin transplant and turn White


    Is currently speaking Russian in Israel


    Jesus send the US tax $ he gets from the US back home to his kins in Russia


    some of his disciples even spy on the USA for Israel and sometimes for Russia or China

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    He is disappointed in all sin, but he does not get disappointed at nations. Once Jesus died and rose again there was a new covenant with individuals not nations.

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