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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 1 decade ago

How do I change the system font in Mac OS X Leopard?

I would like to change the system font on my mac but I do not know how. Could someone please tell me how to do this for free? Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Go to this web page and download and install TinkerTool.

    Open up TinkerTool and click on "Fonts" in the toolbar. You will see separate boxes for fonts in different places, like title bars, help tags etc.

    It's probably best to keep the size the same as it is already to avoid problems.

    You will probably have to restart or log out and in again for changes to take effect.

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  • vowels
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    whilst issues bypass wacky, use Disk application to be sure the tensecontinual and restore permissions in the previous attempting to be Sherlock Holmes. After that, try this: Restart and carry the shift key for the 1st 30 seconds at startup. you may see the words "risk-free Boot" in purple letters. If not, restart and carry shift back. Does that fluctuate the fonts back to usual? If not, bypass to Library and rename Fonts to "Fonts-on carry". Restart. If that doesn't help, see in case you have any person fonts (at yourhomefolder/ Library/ Fonts). in case you have placed some fonts there, rename that folder to "Fonts-on carry" additionally. Restart. If that doesn't help, examine the device/ Library/ Fonts. you may have AquaKanaBold.otf, AquaKanaRegular.otf, Keyboard.dfont, LastResort.dfont, and Lucida Grande.dfont in that folder. those are the elementary, mandatory device fonts. you have gotten dozens of others there additionally, reckoning on what languages are put in. If any of the elementary 5 are lacking, use Pacifist, link below, to extract them from the Leopard deploy disc. If the elementary 5 are there, make a sparkling folder on the inspiration of the tensecontinual named "Fonts-on carry" and pass each and all the fonts from the device/ Library/ Fonts to it, different than the 5 elementary ones. Restart. whilst renaming a fonts folder fixes the subject, seek for corrupt fonts in that folder. to envision a font for corruption, double-click on any font. that would desire to open Font e book. it may take a number of seconds or perhaps greater desirable than a minute to populate the finished checklist of fonts. Mine takes greater desirable than a minute in view that I easily have greater desirable than 3 hundred fonts put in. interior the checklist, decide on any font this is interior the fonts folder that led to the wacky visual charm. Then bypass to record > Validate Font. A small window could pop open and there will be the two a gray examine/tic, a yellow circle with !, or a purple circle with X. If a font gets something yet a gray examine, get rid of it and reinstall it. For any of the 5 elementary device fonts, extract the alternative first, drop it onto the device/ Library/ Fonts folder and authenticate at the same time with your password to interchange it. do not take of undertaking by skill of deleting the unique first in the previous placing the alternative in its place. of undertaking crash could render the device unusable.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    These instructions work for Mac OS 8.0 and later.

    Step1. Open the Apple menu and choose Control Panels, then Appearance.

    Step2: Click on the Themes tab to change the look of title bars, windows and progress bars.

    Step3: Click on the Appearance tab to change the overall look of menus, icons, windows and controls; to change the highlight color for selected text; and to change the variation color for menus and controls.

    Step4: Click on the Fonts tab to change the large system font (menu bar and headings), the small system font (explanatory text and labels), and the views font (lists and icons).

    Tips & Warnings

    # Changing the highlight color to one that's too dark will make the selected text difficult to read; changing to too light a color will make it hard to see what text is selected.

    # Changing a font or a font size to one that's too large may crowd your screen; changing to one that's too small will make it difficult to read the text.

    Hope it will help you. For any reference visit:

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