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how can you make sure that a huntsman spider doesn't get into my car and house?

i am moving to Australia soon and the only thing that is worrying me is the spiders. I don't care if they are not poisonous and harmless it's the SIZE. How can i make sure that i don't get big spiders in my car and house?

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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. There is only certain way, don't come here. Seriously, huntsman spiders can flatten themselves down and get in anywhere. And although they're not venomous, any spiders bite can be poisonous, depends what they've been eating and how dirty their fangs are when they bite you:) They tend to hang up high though, I've been driving for 25 years, and have only had two scary encounters in the car, nearly caused a multi car pile up in peak hour though, pulled the visor down to block out the sun, and there it was, the size of, no bigger than my hand! I got it with the umbrella, the traffic hadta wait! Why are you picking on the poor huntsman anyway, they eat the cockroaches? There are heaps more scary spiders in Australia, the Funnel Web, Google that one, giggle. I'm from Scotland so I know how you're feeling, we didn't really even get flies and ants there-too cold. You get used to the insects soon enough, and they become more of a pest than a terror! Most of them will stay outta your way. It's the snakes you should be worrying about. Just kidding!

    PS- the person telling you that removing webs will help control huntsmen obviously doesn't know much about spiders, Huntsmen do not spin webs, which is why they are called Huntsmen, they are ambush feeders. Also I don't know what part of Australia she lives in but here in Queensland (esp up north) spiders are a hell of a lot bigger than 50 cents, unless she means the rapper, then it's a bit closer.

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  • 4 years ago

    Very often. If you see one, just stay away from it. There are many, many more spiders and other creatures that you have to learn to live with in Australia. I have a huntsman who wanders about my study when I'm on the computer. I ignore it, and mainly it ignores me. Every once in a while, I spray the place with surface spray (your best friend if you don't like spiders), and that keeps the numbers down for a while.

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  • Yes. If only I knew the answer to that question!! I HATE huntsman spiders! They are freaky evil things. i think the only way is to spray some pretty toxic poison around the place but that will kill everything!!

    The good think is though is that they will usually just keep out of your way. they tend to live up high in the corners of rooms. And they will also help to keep the fly population down as do all spiders!

    Seriously, I found one under my car mat once when I was vacuuming and I had to go and get a neighbour to get it out for me. then I was paranoid that it was a muumy spider and one day a gazillion baby huntsman spiders would march through the car while i was driving. I also know of someone who, while they were driving along, had one walk across their windscreen. They stopped their car, got out, flagged down a passing car and got a lift back to town and made someone go out and get the spider out before they would go near the car again!

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  • Mel
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    Most spiders are no bigger then a 50 cent coin. Australia is not the only country with spiders either, most places have them.

    If you keep your house and car tidy then you should be fine. Don't use your car as a trash can and clean it regularly. In the home, remove spider webs with a duster and get the flick man around regularly to spray for insects.

    EDIT - I'm talking about trying to avoid ALL spiders in general. Huntsman we rarely ever get here, maybe 1 a year if that. I'm from NSW, just south of Sydney.

    Thumbs me down, but I've NEVER had a spider in my car, and we get very few inside the house and only the tiny ones.

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  • Red backs, wolfies, huntsmans, white tips, daddy long legs, you can't keep them away for good and you just learn to live with them.

    Try to keep your car and house clean, and using surface spray around your house every few months will help but it won't keep them away for ever.

    Depending on where your going to live will make a difference in spider population. Like Mel said she hardly gets spiders where she is but everyone else does. it's just luck of the straw.

    The spiders you really don't want in your house are the redbacks and whitetips (tiny spiders with a white dot on the, hurts like hell I have the scars to prove it) You'll find them outside but not so much inside.

    With wolfies, huntsmans and DLL just catch them with a container and paper and take them outside, or if you really don't like that just get a shoe and go smack. They run fast if you give them a chance, don't take your eyes off them :)

    The spiders are most active in your house during the summer (Dec, Jan, Feb) and do get pretty annoying. Earlier this year I squashed 3 massive wolfies in a 1 hour period in the one room. I don't want to know how many I miss out on finding other nights...

    Most people won't get spiders in their cars, but sometimes they get shelter under the headlight covers and things like that and try to get them off before you hop in.

    Hope I Helped :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry Jessica, there is no way you can make sure they won't get in your car and house!

    I wish there was a way believe me as I am petrified of them too, but don't worry you will get used to them and they will just become apart of everyday life! well maybe not everyday but once in a while! haha.

    I don't know where you're moving too but we have actually been getting heaps of cockroaches here in melbourne lately and they give me the creeps too!

    Whatever you do make sure you live with someone who's not afraid of all these creepy crawly's so they can get rid of them for you!!

    Source(s): Born and bred aussie
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  • 1 decade ago

    Before parking your car overnight. Gas it with

    Mortein Spray Surface Spider Outdoor 350g.

    100 percent kill and they would hesitate to get in your car for months.

    especially in the summer but, it's autumn now . you're safe.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Simple answer is you can't.

    same applies to cockroaches, ants, flies, mossies and all manner of other bugs.

    You either learn to live with them or will want to leave.

    By the way, all spiders are poisonous.

    It is just a matter of how poisonous and whether it is harmful to humans.

    Source(s): Born outback Aussie
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  • 1 decade ago

    There is NO way you can get rid of any spiders etc

    be it huntsmen or redbacks or white backs

    I spray "surface spray" all around inside our home to be rid of them all and I cannot guarantee that there will be none anywhere.... TRUE..........

    Source(s): A LIFETIME OF LIVING IN OZ !!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here's some info on Australian spiders:

    You don't need to be scared of them everywhere.

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