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a nurse is a maid thats what i think?

she changes underpads. clean stool and urine of patients she suctions sputum and does really sucky things and doctors alwasy disrespect her, treat her as if she is NOTHING . thats me.

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    It's how you perceive your work...... if you think it s u c k s then you probly had unclear expectations of what a nurse does. You should have learned in med school that nurses do these.

    Nurses have general knowledge in medicine and hospital care, they dont have specializations like doctors. As such they cannot practice medicine by themselves. Instead they have to assist doctors and give their opinions to them. You're in the wrong profession if you don't like doing what nurses usually does.

    I think that nurses are professionals and they do a lot of work for the patient and for the doctor. They monitor the conditions of the patient and take care of them whie in the hospital..........

    They perform a very important role.

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    In some ways you are right. When nursing first started nurses were basically hospital maids. But with time nurses took on a more medical role and now perform some things only doctors would have done in the past. But some things (like you say) still rely on nursing staff, however the jobs you mention are performed mainly by nurses aids.

    So if what you say is right , "a nurse is a maid" then the opposite is also true, "a maid is a nurse". Not so , as a maid I make beds, fetch and carry and do sucky things, but I do not have the medical training of a nurse. I also clean toilets,shoes, do laundry,ironing and at times even had to do a bed wash for a infirm family member. So if you are a nurse in training stick to it one day you won't have to do sucky things, on the other hand, as a maid, I will always have to clean toilets.....

    Nurses don't wear the uniform they used to have to wear (cap and apron). But most maids in hotels and even in private places have to wear a uniform and apron to let every one know she is a maid. My uniform is a long dress and apron not unlike a nurses uniform of 60 or so years ago..

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    Looks like all your years in Nursing School has paid off and you have finally arrived... maybe you shouldn't be working in a retirement home. Maybe it's just YOUR attitude.

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