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What should I do? I live in Ca but rent is too expensive to afford college but if I move I can't go to school?

Ok, so I saw apartments in COLORADO, but I would not even be able to attend college though if I moved to Colorado ? (Because of the rule regarding not being a resident of the state) ?

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    You're not forbidden to go to any state school simply because you are not a resident, the catch is that if you're not a resident (having lived there for at least a year), that the fees you will pay are much more than one for a resident of Colorado. probably at least double or triple.

    Do you have funding? scholarships? Seems the reasonable idea is to throw away the idea of living off campus and just go into the dorms.

    Also, consider schools that are not in major metro areas that won't be as pricey. Like UC Merced (which is a new UC school), the area is very agricultural and not highly dense, so you'll get a good deal on living there.

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    Living in California is pretty difficult. Many people here either work hard or are lazy bums relying on the government to pay for them. Immigrants settle down there because of opportunity. They can afford it because they have 3 families living in a 2bd/1ba apartment. Knowing that New York is really expensive, you should not have a problem here in California.

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