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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


1.What type of personality is the most difficult for you to get along with?

2.How did you happen to select your major?

3.Have you recently established any new objectives or goals?

4.Why don't you have a master degree?

5.What other kinds of positions are you interviewing for?

6.if you had college to do all over again, what changes would you make?

7.How has college prepared you for this job?

8.What’s your most memorable experience from your college days?

9.What's your best friend like?

10.hat would you do if your husband were transferred?

11. Do you plan on getting married? If so, how will this affect your career?

12.How do you feel about supervising men?

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    1. I am pretty easygoing and I can pretty much get along with most personality types. However, I do find dealing with those who are a bit on the quiet side somewhat challenging. Often, it is difficult to communicate with this type of people and in a professional relationship, it requires a lot more efforts in order to collaborate with them on any number of assignments

    2. I knew since I was very little I had my sight set on the study of X. Ever since then, all of my choices in primary education curriculums and undergraduate studies have been to prepare me for my choice of major.

    3. I have a couple of goals in my life that were set early on: To better myself intellectually and to build my career professionally. These are ongoing objectives and I am very aggressive in pursuing them. If I get this job, I may develop a couple of new goals related to the new position.

    4. While I have always planned to obtain a master degree, however, I don’t think it is time yet. I feel one can only get the most out of a graduate education if the education itself can be complemented by real-life professional experience gained from working for a couple of years. Down the road I will be pursuing a Master’s degree while working during the day. It may be challenging but that’s what I thrive on.

    5. I am also looking at a couple of other similar positions in the same industry. However, this one is my primary choice.

    2009-04-10 00:42:32 補充:

    6. I would probably try to enjoy the other aspects of a college education more. I was mostly focused on my studies and have someone missed out the other facets of the “college experience”. If I had to do it all over again I would probably balance my college experience better.

    2009-04-10 00:51:10 補充:

    7. My college education and choice of major is directly related to the requirement of this job. More importantly, the college I went to aimed to challenge its students and therefore the curriculums were designed to be such.

    2009-04-10 00:51:17 補充:

    I believe aside from the knowledge gained, my ability to face challenges and pressure will also be very beneficial in helping perform in this job.

    2009-04-10 00:51:29 補充:

    8. 大學時期讓你最難忘的回憶,這個問題我就沒有辦法幫你回答了。

    9 . My best friend X is very smart and also highly accomplished professionally. What I enjoy the most as his friend is the ability to engage in intellectual discussions with him. I often learn a lot of different things from him.

    2009-04-10 00:51:42 補充:

    10. I feel at this point of my life my primary focus is my career, therefore I will most likely not move with him if he were required to relocate.

    2009-04-10 00:51:46 補充:

    However, this scenario is not likely to happen as both my husband and I really enjoy living in this city and had made the decision to settle here even before we got married. If faced with the prospect to relocate, he will most likely quit his job.

    2009-04-10 00:54:37 補充:

    11. Career development is my primary focus. Of course if I were to meet someone who is absolutely my complement I do plan to get married like everyone else. In this day and age, however, it is the norm for a family to draw two salaries.

    2009-04-10 00:54:43 補充:

    While managing a family and career at the same time can be challenging, I do expect my husband to also contribute equally so I do foresee minimal impact to my career.

    2009-04-10 00:54:48 補充:

    12. I don’t see a different managing either women or men as long as everyone remain professional at work. However, if my being a female causes significant problem for one of my subordinates, I will sit down with him and try to resolve our differences.

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  • 冰魚
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    1 decade ago

    Allen 超用心的!!

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