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THE crew of the US-flagged Maersk Alabama has wrested control from Somali pirates who hijacked the vessel early this morning – but the ship’s captain reportedly remains a hostage.

Maersk Line, the Danish carrier’s US subsidiary that operates the 1,098 teu boxship, confirmed late Wednesday that the crew had retaken the vessel. “We are able to confirm that the crew of the Maersk Alabama is now in control,”

Maersk Line spokesman Kevin Speers told the media. “The armed hijackers who boarded this ship earlier today have departed. However, they are currently holding one member of the ship’s crew as a hostage. The other members of the crew are safe and no injuries have been reported.”

US warships are steaming to the scene, where negotiations are ongoing to secure the captain’s release, according to the latest reports from the Pentagon. Details on the pirate attack and the subsequent action by the crew are still sketchy, but reports received by satellite phone from the ship suggest that at least one pirate was seized by the crew and subsequent negotiations led to the pirates’ departure.

Cmdr. Jane Campbell, a spokeswoman for the US Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, told the media that this was the first pirate attack “involving US nationals and a US-flagged vessel in recent memory”.


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    馬士基航運公司,丹麥承運人的美國子公司,經營著1098標準箱boxship證實, 14日晚些時候稱,船員已奪回船隻。 “我們能夠證實的船員馬士基現在是阿拉巴馬州的控制, ”

    馬士基航運公司發言人Kevin Speers告訴媒體。 “武裝劫機者誰登上這艘船今天早些時候離開。但是,他們目前正在舉行的一個成員船員作為人質。其他船員的安全和無傷害事故報告。 “


    少校。簡坎貝爾的發言人美國海軍巴林的第五艦隊,告訴媒體,這是第一次海盜襲擊“涉及美國公民和美國國旗的船隻在最近的記憶中。 ”

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