i was on here about a year ago and asked if anyone could help i had alot of life problems, ......?

well i got crucified everyone thought i was aking for money, i was asking for help i clearly stated that i stated , eviction , etc. car problems, you name it , so things havent really changed , now i am homeless !! without a home for me and my children they are at family memebers while i day by day try to stay afloat , there is no space at my family house and now this past few months have been askin GOD for guidance, and HE reviled pregnant women shelter something i had never even thought of before he really spoke to me!!, oh did i mention in between last year and now i got pregnant,well it is time for a change never to hit this low again ,so i am trusting in the lord and he put this on my heart as a new beginning .......i have looked on many websites united way 211 for tampa florida and for bridgeport connecticut (this is where the father is), and read horror stories but want to make sure i am not missing anything!! so for the question! does any body have any info on pregnant women shelter ??? what are the best ones and what i should look out for?


wow i always get that like the library is not open and people i may kno dont have computers ,ii dont have a place to stay of my own for my children with transportation but i am not stupid i kno how to access a computer , so please dont ask how am i using the internet, i am askin does anybody kno of any good shelters in BRIDGEPORT ,CT OR TAMPA ,FL. THAT I CAN LOOK UP OR A INFO THAT LINKS YOU TO GOOD SHELTERS IN ANY STATE . THANKYOU

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    You can also look at the Department of Family and Children's Services in your area. They are not a big scary government agency wanting to take your children or new baby once he/she is born. They don't have enough foster homes to be pulling children just because the parents are having a hard time making ends meet. They offer alot of programs to help people get on their feet in order to keep their family together. There is also section 8 housing, WIC, TANF, food stamps... all of which your local health dept or family and children's agency can assist you with. Non-profit shelters are a wonderful opportunity for women. I highly suggest you using their services. They are there for a reason and you do not be worried about going to one. 211 is also a great resource, have you tried using it yet? I think your best bet is the shelter and they can help you get on your feet to get your family back together. Good luck honey, I pray all works out for you.

    PS There are many public places that offer free computer and internet services. What does it matter how she got online?

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    I am not aware of any pregnant women's shelters as such. Some shelters are just for women and their children.

    Good luck to you.

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    I don't know google women shelters in your area. How are you on the internet?

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