Im really shy and need to get over it. plus i want a boyfriend ha ha?

Im 15 and super shy around people i don't know. all the boys that im friends with will only be my friends ha ha. Plus i have really high standards and the only boys that meet them are really outgoing and i cant be outgoing cause im too shy. sooo pretty much i need help lowering my expectations, learn so get over being shy and how to get a boyfriend while being shy

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The right one will come along SO SOON. TRUST me. Just feel like you have a hot boyfriend and you will attract one quicker than you expect.

    Think POSITIVE. It doesn't matter weather your shy or not, thats not the problem. When a guy really wants you, he will go for it, and so will you if you like him and everything will be great :)

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