How to you say, "Mom, I had sex." in Mandarin Chinese?

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Been trying to translate this for a story I'm writing and have searched the web for a translation, but am not sure if 进行性交 or 交媾 is right or appropriate for my situation: I more
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  • Kelly answered 5 years ago
I'm not a native speaker so anyone's welcome to correct me, but I believe it's this:

媽,我進行性交了 (mā wǒ jìn xíng xìng jiāo le)

媽 (mā) = mom
我 (wǒ) = I
進行性交 (jìn xíng xìng jiāo) = have sex
了 (le) = past tense marker

交媾 (jiāo gòu) is more like "to copulate," whereas 进行性交 (jìn xíng xìng jiāo) is "to have intercourse." That's what I'm finding, anyway.

Source: and one year of Mandarin Chinese.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    he he ...Your words make me very awkward at first ,But I come to answer the question ,I am a Chinese ,I want to explain first ,Translating and becoming Chinese in English has very a lot of writing methods ,I give you several choices ,The first :妈,我性交了。But this kind of writing method lies in us seems,It is very awkward to read ,So I help your writing another and read not to stand up awkwardly ,The second:妈,我做爱了。Have been replaced two Chinese characters the middle this one ,We Chinese say those two Chinese characters are “make love” in English ,If you need sentences more implicit ,We can say:妈,我上床了。In fact all there is awkward some in our view in three sentences of above ,Because the few targets in the sentence ,Such as :"Mom, I had sex with sb",Chinese is“妈,我和sb性交了。”Read on very well like this ,It is all right that other two yous replace corresponding Chinese characters ,My English is very bad ,Educate my English if having time ,Good luck!
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  • bryan_q answered 5 years ago
    As a respect toward your mother, it's not a good thing to tell her you had sex, especially if she's Chinese [if you want to save her from "losing face"].


    I'm Chinese.
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  • dooniebrasco answered 5 years ago
    It will have vulgar implications whatever the translation you choose.You must change the original english sentence "Mom ,i had sex".
    "I spent a night with ..." is a good choice.
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  • Bring Back Alissa Flash answered 5 years ago
    / \
    this is bob copy and paste bob to questions he is TAKING OVER Yahoo Answers!
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