legal???? i just boat a BOAT AM I SCREWED???? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

i bought a boat the was sold to the guy i bought it from from the orignal owner. he bought it and nver got around to going pick up the title. i have thenumbers on the side, vin numbers, and a liscens plater on the trailer. what legal actions do i need to do to have it legal in louisiana i also made him write me a bill of sale and he has a card the orignal owner gave him like the registration card that he needs to find i paid 200 dollars for the trailer and boat the trailer is in very good shape and the boat is in good shape only 1 hole and i already fixed it . its a 14 foot monark

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    all you should need will just be a written receipt and numbers off both boat and trailer. take that to a DMV office and they should be able to come up with a new title for you.

    ps... if you didn't get that hole fixed by a professional and it's below the waterline, you may still be screwed.

    good luck.

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    hey man, you will be ok. are you just worried that you can not get it registered to your name to get your numbers?? i had almost the same problem. my boat was originally owned by a member of my wifes family. well he had the title and he passed away. well the boat got tossed around through the family and i finally ended up with it. it was years that the boat went through with out being registered by another name. i didnt have a bill of purchase. i just called up the department of natural resources and told them my story. i gave them the hull number they ran it through their system and found that the boat was not stolen and it was no problem. call your local DNR and explain your situation and you will be just fine. dont worry about it. just call them or email them and shoot them the hull number and they will take care of you. if the hull number comes back stolen then take legal action against the person that you bought the boat from. all you have to do is turn it over to the authorities and let them handle it. more than likely the boat isnt stolen the guy just never turned in the title to have his name on it. it isnt like a car where you have to have a title to get a license plate for it. you will be just fine. just contact your local DNR and let them see what they can do for you. good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience..

    oh yea, if you call the DNR or email them give them the numbers that are on the boat too.(registration numbers---if they are on there)

    good luck

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    you have the boat. get the card that owner #2 says he has. if he refuses, you know where he lives or did you pick up the boat at another location, call the local authorities, they will tell you if the boat is stolen or not. if it is and you don't report it you have received stolen property and you are on the hook. if not you should be able to go to the local department of motor vehicles and file for a lost title. have the registered owner sign the lost title. that's how it USUALLY works. good luck.

    Source(s): not a lawyer, just had to deal with it myself.
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    So, you obtain a boat from a guy who claimed to be the rightful proprietor. He exchange into merely too lazy to %. up the tile from the unique proprietor who offered him the boat. to procure your self a boat without identify from a guy who would not legally very own the boat. even nonetheless funds exchanged hands and to procure the possession of the boat, the unique proprietor continues to be the rightful, criminal proprietor. i wish you're nevertheless able to finding the guy who offered you the boat. You greater desirable have the skill to tutor which you certainly paid the guy who offered you the boat too. If that guy offered you an abandoned boat, then there continues to be a danger. in case you obtain stolen products... i think of you need to touch the government and inquire approximately this occasion ASAP. you do no longer prefer to be sure issues by yet in any different case.

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    It sounds like you are being scammed. Demand your money back until he has the title. If he can't provide a clean title, he doesn't get the money. If he refuses to give you the money back, I would call the police and/or sue.

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    I think you might have bought a stolen boat. Yes you are screwed!

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