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Scene Queen / Scene Girl?

Okay. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of hairspray they use to keep their hair up all day and everything? Because I can't seem to find a good enough hair spray.

And also, can just about anyone be a 'scene queen' or w/e? Or does it depend?

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    Ok scene hair is hot and everything but why would you want to be a scene queen? All they do is sit on their computers all day promoting their copy cat image. Wouldn't you rather have a real life? Best case scenario: You end up like KikiKanibal and sit on your *** all day on stickam selling crappy jewelry then go to bed crying because you saw all the hateful comments from other competing scene queen about how fake you are.

    Source(s): 2 of my ex-goodfriends are now scene queens.
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    i use aussie mega hold hairspray, if it doesnt hold, ur hair may just be difficult or too heavy for it.

    TIP: try shorter layers for less weight

    ahhh to be a scene queen, u dont have to do anything lol they are just dubbed it, scene queens really are nothing speacial, its really just depends on how other scene see them. they are called scene queens cause their style is extremelt loved by other scene and r looked up to.

    hope i help somewhat!!

    Source(s): i have scene hair
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    This was asked already...

    They use Got2B Glued Hairspray, sometimes with a little Got2B Glued gel

    There are tutorials of it on Youtube

    Not everyone can be one and actually pull it off

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    use wax on the roots then use hairspray on the hair you will tease, tease, then use a comb over the top hair to smooth and cover the teased hair. I use bumble and bumble does it all.

    Source(s): personal use
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    a scene queen is someone EVERYONE in the world knows

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    big sexy hair brand hair spray.

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